Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

As promised, here are the wonderful garage sale finds from Saturday.

The credenza, everything in front and on the credenza (excluding the lamp) was either from garage sale or thrifted. Ahhh... what a day!

So come on in and take a look at the "new beauties" (and some "uglies" that will soon be "beauties").

I just love this frame and the possibilities that come with it! Should I put a mirror inside? A chalkboard? A print/painting? Or hang it just like that? Any other ideas?

A few weeks ago, I saw this post at
Sugar Pie Farmhouse about Chalk Ink Markers. Since then, I have been on the hunt for a chalk board. This little beautie was at Goodwill for $1.99. Just right! After a good cleaning and paint job on the frame, this little number will be gracing my walls. Be sure to check back and see how it turned out!

(by the way,
Sugar Pie Farmhouse has a fun Blue Ribbon Product Review Page. Check it out!)

OK. I think I have a serious problem. I love baskets and have them everywhere. Not just for looks - they are being used. Nevertheless, I probably didn't need any more. But this one was such a unique shape, big and priced just right at .25 that I couldn't pass it up. Look, I already put it to use holding the books we bought today for .25 apiece. That justifies it... right?

Two chair pillows for .50. Can't beat that! hmmmm... should I recover them? or leave as is?

This little number was free. And although it looks pretty bad now, the plan is to turn it into a beautiful Spring/Summer wreath. Keep those fingers crossed!
Stay tuned for the reworked chalkboard and wreath.
By the way, I'm adding this post to the Monday Treasures over at Southern Hospitality. Head on over and check out the fun finds!


  1. Thanks for joining the party! So nice to meet you & I'm happy to see your thrifty finds too. I think everyone gets excited about Mondays now. The treasures are out there waiting to be found.

  2. I love seeing what everyone has found in their treasure hunting. And it is a bonus when we are told what the plans are for such items. Thanks for sharing yours.

  3. That basket is so unique! I love the shape of it :)
    And that frame is cool - there are tons of possibilities for it!!

  4. I so enjoy seeing everyone's thrifty treasures. I for one would probably go through withdrawls if Rhoda decides to discontinue thrifty mondays :) I also have a thing for baskets and have several all over the house. They hold magazines, blankets, toilet paper in the bathroom, fabric sheets in the laundry, buns at dinner,etc. I have a couple more I just got and still trying to figure out what I will do with them.

  5. I am a basketaholic myself and have found MANY uses for them - my favorite is for kids books or toys. Some you can get at just the right size for those toddlers to plunk down beside it and start looking through their goodies. I usually look for BIG ones - I put all my little ones in one of my yard sales and said "free with purchase" :)

    Can't wait to see your makeovers!