Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blooming in the Garden of Weedin'

Is life a bit overwhelming right now? Do you sometimes feel like no matter how hard you try to get ahead and keep up with it all, you just can't seem to catch up?

This is the side of my house. One month ago, this is how it looked. I'm completely serious. A perfect row of weeds. The pup even plowed a path along the center for convenience.

Yup, it was that bad.

But you know something? What used to be a huge inconvenience and terrible eye sore turned out to be a blessing. One day my hubby and I just decided that we would cancel our evening plans and spend the day weeding, trimming and weeding some more. And although it was a HUGE project (these were not the only weeds), we were able to spend an evening laughing and enjoying each other's company. What could have been a very sour experience turned out to be a fun memory.

What tasks are you dreading this upcoming week? Work? Cranky boss? Weeding? Laundry? etc. etc. Is there any way you could turn it into a fun and memorable experience?

When life seems a bit overwhelming, take a step back. Look around and find beauty in an unexpected moment. Have a fantastic Sunday!

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