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Hi Friends!

Thanks for stopping by my little corner in the blogosphere! This blog was started as a creative outlet for me to record parts of my story, DIY projects, recipes, home décor, etc. In short, anything that tickles my fancy. "too Blessed to Stress" is a way to express all that as I continually find joy in the midst of life chaos and clutter.

Please realize that this blog is not intended to show you how to live with a fake smile pasted on your face as you keep up with the Joneses'  while trying to trick everyone around you into thinking that everything is alright as you plow through a turbulent day. Quite the opposite! My hope is that you will find this a place to realize that life can be messy, chaotic, cluttered, and at times feel like everything is coming apart at the seams... but even then God is still present. There are still blessings to be found. And if we chose to make those our focus and allow God to be in the driver's seat true joy comes back. Life comes back into perspective. And the smile on your face can be sincere.

Want to know a little more about me? Here it goes:

I love God with all my heart. In Him I find joy and a purpose for my life. This amazing man is my husband. He puts up with all my crazy ideas - like painting the front door at 2am! This little gem is my daughter. She is the light in our eyes and makes every day a new and exciting adventure.

I love all things farmhouse, vintage, and if it has a story/history behind it even better!

Carmel is better that chocolate in my book. But caramel and chocolate together? Well that's enough to make my little heart pitter patter.

My husband and I have converted out front and back yard into an edible landscape. Rosalind Creasey is our gardening hero. Over the past 4 years our garden has morphed into a delectable little oasis where most every plant you see is edible.  Want to know more about that? Check out my hubby's blog, 1/16 Acre where he shares our success and failures in the gardening world, interspersed with funny stories and my hubby's since of humor.

I love to connect with new people and hear their stories. If you would ever like to get ahold of me, please send me an email or comment on a post. I read each and every word.

Once again, thanks for coming by. Kick up your heals and stay a while. And before you leave, take a moment to consider God's blessings and decide to chose joy for today. I bet it will help you navigate the crazy chaos of today with a smile.

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