Friday, May 15, 2009

The Big Plunge

So here I go! Take a deep breath and JUMP!!!!!

That's right, I am taking a jump into the wonderful world of blogging. I hope that you will enjoy reading the posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

"too Blessed to Stress" is all about finding Joy in life and homemaking...

...even when everything is a cluttered mess!

I'll be sharing everything from decorating ideas, entertaining and recipes to garage sale and thrifted finds.

Together, we'll live the high moments of homemaking....

Beautiful family dinners

Gorgeous Gardens

...and we'll probably have a few low ones too!

(Yes... those are ALL dandelions... in my yard!!!)

But hey, everything is better with a friend!

So come on in, explore, and make your self at home! Together, we will conquer boredom and the mundane everyday...
{yawn... ho-hum}

and see why life is truly "too Blessed to Stress!"

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