Friday, January 22, 2010

The Return To Blog-Land

OK. I admit it... My blogging dreams didn't take off as well as I had planned.

I let my bronchitis get the best of me.
Then life got in the way of blogging bliss.

I felt like frosty here.... all melty, mushy, and with no energy to go on.

And when it came down to it, I had to let the blog to while I made some changes and decisions.

Things like taking on another job...

Learning to say "No. I'm sorry, but I can't take more on right now..."

Hubby working on a new project, and us never getting to see each other for more than a few minutes....

Working on "Sweet Joy" - fun, girlie boutique items I sell...

Whether to drink diet or regular Coke....

Where to place my new thrift store finds....

You get the idea... crucial things. :)

Here I am. Round two. Well really it is a continuation of Round One, since I never gave up the idea of my blog, my passion for homemaking, and my love of sharing life with blogging sisters.

So here are my New Year resolutions for "too Blessed to Stress." Ready?

1. All the fantastic items I thrifted and shared my great plans for? I will finally follow through and show you what became of them.

2. The photo project from this post will be revealed.

3. Regular posts. Keep me accountable! It is not only fun for me to share with you, but I love your input and ideas. I want to learn from all you fantastic gals out there as we live life together and conquer the mundane, everyday ho-hums.

So will you forgive me for being gone for so long? You will? awww.... shucks. {{shy grin}}

Meet me back here for great thrifted finds, repurposed items, party planning ideas, and hospitality hints.

Let's remember what it truly means to be "to Blessed to Stress."
Photos from top to bottom: Melted Frosty from a Christmas craft show years ago, "Tinto" or Espresso cups from my mother at Christmas (I'll have to post about "Tinto" another day... yummy!), sweet sign given to me by a dear friend and her daughter for my birthday.

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