Saturday, January 23, 2010

Simply Saturday

My oh my, Spring is here!!!! OK, so not really... but today sure felt like it. Today is a glimpse of the sunny months to come. And it got me all worked up with ideas and excitment for Spring and Summer outings, garage sales, parties, gardening, and backyard fun.

I can see it all now:

Tomato plants ripe with Grape, Yellow Pear, and Big Beauty (I think that last one is right) tomatos ready to be tossed into salad, tacos, stew, etc. We just love being able to walk into the backyard and pick what we need. Plus the pup has developed a taste for the fallen tomatoes. Go figure?

Exploring local parks and heading to the farmers market. Keeping a photo log of all the gorgeous sights we see on our adventures around town.

Hosting birthdays, tea parties, get togethers and the occasional bar-b-q. Taking the "fancy" dishes and serving trays from the dining room and useing them in the amazing outdoors.

Roasting hot dogs and making s'mores while sitting around the fire pit my hubby built. We have shared some great times with friends and family around this fire pit. There's just something so inviting and relaxing about sitting around a fire.
We all let our guard down.
We relax.
We share.
Memories are made.

What traditions, moments, or events are you looking forward to? Do you enjoy the outdoors?

Photos from top to bottom: rose from our garden, almost ripe tomatoes in the back yard, local park, Hubbster lighting the candles for me on at a windy afternoon get together, our fire pit and another rose from the flower bed.

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