Saturday, January 30, 2010

Memory Board

Poor hubbster. He's sicker than sick with a nasty head cold and his whole body hurts. And today was supposed to be our first big day off together in a long time. Phoey.We had all sorts of plans that we needed to cancel last minute - but I have a feeling he might power through the yuckiness for one quick run to the goodwill :)

Quiet moments before the craziness of a day.

In order to let him sleep a bit longer today, I got up extra early (for a Saturday) and snuck out to the living room to craft for a bit. That way the sound of the shower won't rudely awaken him for a while longer. I know, I know... how sweet am I? {no need to mention that I really wanted to craft too} {{grin}}

This morning seemed to be a great time to rearrange the magnetic memory board that hangs in the entryway. Since Valentines day is quickly approaching, what better theme than love and memories. I started with a blank slate. (yes, it looks like it's just a wall inside the frame, but there is actualy a  fabric board mounted behind the frame.)

These were the cute magnets I had to work with. The "N" was from a gorgeous resort and spa in Washington. Every time I see it I am reminded of the wonderful time we spent there on the waterfront.

After rounding up all the fun photos and doo-dads to work with, I just began placing layers of scrapbook paper, photos, sayings, etc till I liked it.

The words "Memories, Love & Kisses" -
printed on plain printer paper and freehand cut into mini banners.

“If you live to be one-hundred years old,
I want to live to be one-hundred minus one day.
That way I never have to live a day without you.”
~ Winnie the Pooh

Metal quote from dollar store - pack of four words:
"Smile, Santa, Laugh, & Faith"

Tissue paper flower made for me by a sweet girl in my church.
Total cost of project - $0
Total Satisfaction - acheived!

And then after that I had a cookie - for breakfast. Yep, so far this Saturday is turning out to be pretty good.

Are you crafting some great way to display a memory? or are you and your family out making memories on another family adventure?
Feel free to share in the coments below -I'd love to know what fun plans you have up your sleeve for today!


  1. hwy this is janelle form sew blessed! i hope you find this comment! i need your email address so i can send you your charm! i can't find it on your blog? alo, i redid my copy and paste thing for my blog so try again!!! my email address is
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  2. I love the Creative Memories Display board. I have one for each of my kids.

    THanks for stopping by my blog. Following!

  3. What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing!