Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gotta Do What'cha Gotta Do

So today I had grandiose plans of posting two cute table setting for a coffe and tea time and linking to Tablescapes Thursday. But wouldn't you know, life got in the way yesterday and again today! What was it thinking? Work, slepping, geting home late and appointments keeping me from all of you on bloggie land - the nerve!

At first, I was super disappointed in myself for not getting it ready. Then I looked back over yesterday (when I usually get photos and thoughts gathered for a post) and today (when I out it all together) and realized that I was overly tired, had a genuinely busy day and at the end of it all.....
You Gotta Do What'cha Gotta Do!

And yesterday, I had to rest. Spend a few moments with hubby talking about our day before we drifted off into sweet dreams. I needed to eat a healthy meal.There were projects to finish. Today was worse! I'm just getting home and have not a single dish clean, nothing in the fridge for dinner, and the roof is caving in on me! (ok not really... that's all a bit more dramatic than it really is, but you get the picture right?)

So here is my conclusion after all this rambling:
1. It's ok to let something go and do it later. "too Blessed to Stress" is just that - not letting the stress of everyday affect our joy, love and hospitality as women, mothers, wives, daughters. It's learning to focus on the positive despite the junk thats going on around us.
2. I'm a week ahead on my tablescape posts! Next Thursday, be sure to stop by and see a charming and romantic setting for you and that secial someone (hubby, kiddo, neighbor, family, member friend) in your life.
3. I now have more time to post about the marvelous findings from the thrift store and my latest transformation project. It's a .... cuter than life footstool that needs some a LOT of TLC. And I can't wait till it's done to show you all!
4. And lastly, I can finalize all the details for my first giveaway ever!!!!!! yippie!!!! (yes, that's a lot of exclamation marks... but I'm so excited !!!!) I'll give you a hint: become a follower. It will increase your chances of winning. And tell you friends to come on over and follow too... the more people, the more times everyones name will go in the drawing.

What things are you having to say "no" to today so that you don't miss out on life's special moments now? Would you be willing to share in the commments below? As always, I love hearing from you all!

Photos from top to bottom: our sweet pup sleeping with her moose, valentines decoration in my home, sign I repurposed - check out the post here.


  1. I didn't get around to my tablescape post either..even though I had good intentions. It took me a long time to realize that sometimes it is ok to put things off to later. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments on my office.

  2. Oh goodness, your dog is cute!

  3. Thank you Karrie! She is the sweetest little pup and entertains us daily :)

    Sherry - So glad you came by. I hope we'll both be able to get our tablescapes posted this week :) they are so much fun to do. if not we'll survive on good intentions together for another week. hugs!

    Emily N.