Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Updates

Just a quick post to update you on a few of the happenings here at "too Blessed to Stress."

Hubby watching March Madness and me trying to blog :)

~ The internet is being kinda picky right now. Blogger is being a little patchy {hence the short post before it decides to crash again.} Hotmail is being just a plain old turkey and won't load at all {so if you're waiting for an answer from me don't fret! I'll borrow a computer if I have to.}

Remember this before photo? You won't recognize it today!

~ The office is coming along beautifully. Curtain rod from this post is hung. It now has a soft, sheer panel from floor to ceiling hanging from it and let me just say... I love it more that I expected.

Yummy colors and pattern.

And here is a sneak peak at a craft project that will hang in my music corner. I LOVE it so much!

~ Today I am contemplating how to to make my nest feel more like a super fancy, posh 5 star hotel with all sorts of little amenities.... without spending a 5 star price for those special touches! So often we wait until a vacation to experience those luxuries. And I am here to tell you.... "No more waiting!" It's time to feather our nests with all those little things to pamper not only ourselves, but our most important guests - our own family. Today I am scouring my photo archives from past vacations for inspiration. And if you think I'm too scared to take a photo of an awesome idea in an akward situation, just check out this post here. And you'll see that I come by it honestly.

What are your favorite ways to make your home feel like a fancy-schmancy hotel or spa? Or what do you love the most about those delightful places but have not recreated in your home? Let me know and I'll try to scheme up an idea for how to make those luxuries at home for an affordable price. Little luxury ideas. Hot tubs need not apply.

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. My house is pretty kid friendly, so I don't have too many luxury items, but...When we finished the bathroom in the basement, we put in an awesome showerhead. We also put in a few side sprayers in the shower. A shower head with different options or even one that is just huge can be fairly cheap and make a big difference.

  2. It's time to feather our nests with all those little things to pamper not only ourselves, but our most important guests - our own family.

    amen girl....

    As Kerstin stated, my home is very kid friendly with having my own home daycare business. One thing though I DO still have is "Miss Angie's decorations". The children know when I say that, they get to look but do not touch,,lol. I am able to still make my surroundings beautiful even with wee ones around.

    As for the spa look in the bathroom, well with the wee ones I do try to make the bathroom beautiful, but incorporate items that are 'fun' and 'bright' and 'cheerful' for the children. Like the Potty book on a shelf for them to look at while they are on the potty,lol. Bright tins to store their tooth brushes, pretty towels to wipe their hands after they have sang ABC's while washing, and Twinkle Twinkle while they rinse their hands,,lol

  3. Your hubby and my hubby have been doing the same thing all week I bet, lots of basketball!

    Things I do to make my home more "fancy schmancy", well I don't know. With my three littles that's hard to do. But I do try hard to make sure I have "extra touches".

    I only have coffee mugs I LOVE. I love coffee, have it pretty much every morning so I want to make sure that I have a mug I like.

    I have a hanging basket next to my chair in the living room for whatever book/magazine I am currently reading and my reading glasses. Then when I want to read what I need is already there.

    I keep cotton balls, cotton pads, q-tips in clear glass hinged storage jars. They are pretty and practical at the same time.