Monday, March 8, 2010

If I Could Have Looked Into The Future - DAY 6 of GIVEAWAY

If I could have looked into the future, I would have seen that our amazing clean carpets would cause a few issues and interrupt my blogging adventures.

Our $1.99 table all painted up. love it so much :)

For example, I would have realized that a last minute decision to shampoo the office carpet would mean no blogging or making of a craft for the giveaway. I would have realized that two days of being mostly gone while waiting for the rugs to dry would result in no posts whatsoever. I would have planned better, and I would have prewritten my posts. I would have remembered in my haste to award seven other people with their award.

A touch of spring in my torn apart living room.

But since this queen of planning and lists didn't think her last minute impulse through, I totally missed out on two days of the giveaway. Today is basically my first day back in the office, and I have not finished the last two days of the giveaway. I'm sure there is some kind of terrible blogger award out there for people like me {please don't send it my way.}

All the stuff that has still not made it back into the office/craft space. {sigh}

So now it's Monday. The craft for today is not done. My Coca-Cola room looks like a tornado whipped through. The living room still has no curtains up. The kitchen counter is barely visible. All things that are insignificant in the grand scheme of life, but very significant to me today. I'm behind and worn out. I so need a glass of sweet tea and about an hour to catch up on all of your wonderful posts from the weekend.

Strawberry plants that I may have killed... read on...

Although there is probably some rule against this and I may receive a few upturned noses - I have made an executive decision. I AM EXTENDING THE GIVEAWAY TILL TOMOROW.

Two gifts will be added to the treasure box tomorrow and the winning name will be revealed on Wednesday. 

New fabric for the living room.

TODAY'S ENTRY: Tell me how you plan "lighten up" your home for spring. Do you change the throw pillows? Add some spring decorations?  Do you plant flowers in your garden? Also, if you've posted recenly about your spring sprucing, let me know so I can check it out.

And thanks for understanding about the giveaway. Look at it this way, there's one more day to enter.

And really, how can you be mad at someone who was so tired that she watered her new strawberry plants with white vinegar instead of water.

Oh yes I did.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that it was your office torn apart and not your back!

    My spring spruce up is simple ... take down all the snowmen. When the weather is nice enough, we clean up things around the yard and farm. (We get quite a bit of wind and nobody wants to spend the time in it to pick up.) After May 1, we plant our tomatoes. That is also the time that our U-pick strawberry patch is open.

  2. I clean! Makes everything brighter! The strawberry plants might be ok. Water them with real water on your regular schedule and give it a week before you abandon them. I think our Lowe's has some seedlings, which wouldn't be the same but might help you in a pinch...

  3. I clean. I throw out STUFF! I put away the snowman stuff and put out some Easter bunnies! I don't plant anything here in NJ till around Mother's day!

  4. I definitely bring out the flowers and do some major "spring cleaning"! Looking forward to it!

    Sounds like you've had a crazy weekend!
    Love the fabric for your living room!
    Rebekah {All Thingz Related}

  5. Your table turned out really cute:)

    I'm "springing" up right now. Changing out the pinecones for sure. Lots of painting and crafting right now...not so much cleaning. I need to start that up too.

  6. I changed my pillows on my sofa, and add light colors. Candles are my favorite.

  7. I'm glad it was just the carpets and not something else keeping you away from blogging. Please don't feel preasured. And NO, you will not get the terrible blogger award. Sorry, you just don't qualify for that one.
    Mostly what I do for spring cleaning is go around the house decluttering. The next big thing I do is garden. It's the prettiest time here in San Antonio and I enjoy the outdoors as often as possible. (Then it gets a little too warm).
    Patricia :o)

  8. PS: Your poor little strawberries!! I hope they make it.

  9. Spring cleaning with all the windows open wide!!! Some new throw pillow for the couch and new pictures for my photo screen. New flowers for the flower beds. Oh, the poor strawberry is kinda funny though:-)

  10. I'm so glad that it wasn't anything terrible that kept you away from blog land. :-)
    We have all been in your shoes at one point or another, Emily, and you have every right to do whatever you wish with your giveaway! Goodness, it's just so sweet of you to give anything away, how could someone possibly give you a bad blogger award for adding an extra day or two??
    As for your question...I love that my dh plants flowers in the spring, especially since I have a BLACK thumb and would kill anything that I attempted to grow (believe me, I've tried!!). I do try to wash the windows, tho, because we FINALLY have sunshine in the Spring, and so it's easy to notice the dirty windows, lol.
    Not sure I do too much else, tho. I just love how the sunshine brightens everything up after a dull winter.
    SO glad you're back!

  11. Once it looks like the snow is finished with here (usually mid May), I plant flowers outside.
    I'm all about getting LOTS of spring cleaning done!! I'm just trying to not do too much, because I'm supposed to be "taking it easy" so I don't go into labor too early.