Thursday, March 4, 2010

Awards and Admiration- Day FOUR of the GIVEAWAY!

Oh my word! Can I just tell you how exciting this giveaway has been? I LOVE having new ways for you all to enter everyday, and I love revealing a new item of the giveaway everyday. So much fun!

Are you gals enjoying it too?
I do hope so!

Everyday I sit and read your posts and "ohhh" and "ahhhh" over all you creative geniuses! You have given me so many ideas for my home, fashion thoughts, new recipes to try and some great stories as well!

Today I want ot show you one of many ideas that has made me swoon in the last week. Take a look at this cloche:

The super crafty and creative Heather, from Storing Up My Treasures, made this out of.... are you ready for this?......... A SODA BOTTLE! Hello, how cool is that?

This gal is a repurposing guru! I am always inspired when I visit her blog. Make sure you stop on by and see her lovely creations.

There are so many of you creative gals out there that I would LOVE to feature - you all inspire me so much. So on Monday, I will be doing a fun feature blog using comments and entries from this weeks' giveaway.

For those of you just joining me for the first day, I am currently having a giveaway. Every day I reveal a new item that is part of the giveaway and everyday there is a new way to enter. You can even go back and enter the last Three Days as well! So Easy!

So far there have been FIVE ways to enter the drawing, each counts as one entry:

Day One - Click here to enter
~ Become a Follower. Let me know in the comments
~ Tell me a decorating story - it can be a disaster or triumph

Day Two - Click here to enter
~ Link up a craft, DIY projects, memorable story, scrapbook page, anything that you have done to make your home a welcome refuge for your family.

Day Three - Click here to enter
~ Leave a comment telling me your favorite last minute, go-to dish. 

~ Tell me in the comments below, who has inspired you in bloggy land? Is there someone whose blog has meaningful words, fun crafts, or money saving ideas that you love? {yes, feel free to say it's me... I'll try not to let my head get to big :)  }

Just leave a comment with one (or two or three) names of gals who have touched your life in some way or another. Feel free to list several names, but it only counts as one entry in the giveaway.

Today's addition to the giveaway is a set of gift boxes. You probably know by now that I love giving gifts and any giveaway I have will include something for you to bless someone else with as well! These adorable boxes come in fun patterns and are perfect for that last minute gift you can't find any gift wrap for. Easy to assemble and cute-to-boot!

Scroll on down and leave your comment for an entry!

So today, I am also accepting an award. Yippie! How exciting. As mentioned yesterday, I am totally going to get my favorite gown on, the big "diamond" jewelry, white gloves, and plan to gush on and on about all the people I wish to thank. Kinda like the Oscars.

Wanna know something funny? I am so not a celebrity follower. I know, *gasp* please don't hate me. Nothing against it, I'm just not into it, that's all. So when I made the comment yesterday about my blog award acceptance being like the Oscars, I actually had no idea that the real Oscars are just around the corner.**double gasp** So just in case you miss the real Oscars, this is the next best thing. Get your glam on and grab the popcorn while I prepare nervously backstage for my speech.

"And the award for Kreativ Blogger given to "too Blessed to Stress" came from..... the cuter than life, super crafty gals at All Thingz Related! "

{this is where I enter, stage left, all flabbergasted just like I really was the day these gals gave me the award!}

Applasue dies down, and I muster up the courage to speak,

"I just want to thank Bridgette and Rebekah for the super cute and totally heartfelt  Kreative Blogger Award. Your super kind words totally bless my heart and your crafty ideas are always inspiring!"

{All kidding aside, my "speech" was totally for real - I am so flatterd by the award, thanks gals!}The rules of the Award are as follows:

1) Post the award

2) Thank and mention the person who gave you the award
3) Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers who you feel are deserving of the award
4) Tell 7 things about yourself that others don't know
5) Be sure to tell your 7 about the award and post links to their blog :)

Since I am busily preparing a big chicken salad for a housewarming as I write this, I will award seven other gals tomorrow. But here are the 7 things you may not know about me... and please don't leave forever after reading them. I am really not as strange as I may sound.... ok... ready? Here it goes:

1. I don't own a TV. Probably why I had no ideas the Oscars were coming :) Ours kicked the bucket last year and we actually enjoy having more space in the living room and more free time.

2. I love purses and shoes. I would happily wear the same outfit everyday if it meant I could buy another pair of shoes and a purse. (and no I do not own hundreds of either one, just want to make that clear. My love for them is not that bad!)

3. I am a TOTAL girlie girl.... who usually prefers action movies over a chick flick. Strange, I know.

4. I heart avacados. I could eat one everyday if allowed.

5. There is no other flavor of ice cream that I love more than Cookie Dough. I'll try others, but my loyalty is to the dough :)

6. If I could host a party everyday, I would. Any kind of party! I love the planning and organizing and the decortaing so much :)

7. I have always wanted to drive an 18-wheeler just once in my life. I have no idea why I want to, it just sounds like fun.

So there you have it! 7 {weird and somewhat funny} facts about me. Come on back tomorrow for DAY 5 of the GIVEAWAY and to see which 7 gals I pass this lovely award onto.

Have a great day everyone!

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. I'm back for another day of excitment. congrats on your award.
    There are too many blogs that inspire me. I have some bloogy friends that do not craft and I love there post.

    I'm in more pain tonight than I was in last night. My daughter thinks it too funny!!!

    Have a great night my friend..

  2. I can't pick just one blog so here's my few favs!:
    Unique crafts & home decor: Shanty2Chic(
    Best place for money saving tips & coupons: Hip2Save(
    Inspiring words, great crafts and just a way with words: too Blessed to Stress:)

    Rebekah{All Thingz Related}

  3. The blog that inspires me is: Melissa's Heart and Home. She always have great ideas and has a beautiful home!

  4. I just started blogging (this week), but I enjoy: (that's my niece, so I'm kinda partial!)

  5. I'd have to save my ultimate inspiration (for creative projects) is U Create (

  6. So glad to come back to the giveaway today. It is so hard to choose which blog I love most because I am inspired by SO many...seriously, you can check, I follow like a million! But some of my favorites are 320 Sycamore...Love her house transformation and this is one of the first I started following...Make It and Love It for cute sewing ideas...DIY Show Off for a little of everything... and of course yours! I heart your down-to-earth sense of humor!
    Happy one-day-closer-to-FRIDAY!!!

  7. Hi, Emily! What a fun addition today. I love to give gifts, so they would be really fun to give away. :-)
    CONGRATULATIONS on your very well-deserved award. Yay!!
    I have only been seriously blogging since January, but I follow tons of blogs (mostly about card making or giveaways, lol), but I read two blogs almost daily...
    YOURS (love it!)
    and She is the one who sponsors the Thank You Thursday, which I really enjoy!! :-)
    I had to chuckle at your 7 things...I can relate to so many! I didn't have a clue about the Oscars, either. We have a TV, but rarely watch it. I love parties, and I love giving gifts to people. I must admit, tho, that I'd much rather watch a Chick-Flick, lol. My husband wishes I was more like you, ha ha!
    Hope your housewarming goes well!

  8. haha the idea of driving an 18 wheeler never occurred to me but how fun would that be?! so many blogs i love, like urs but the Nester is pretty amazing I must say.

  9. Thanks for featuring my blog again Emily, you are a sweetie:)

    My "inspire" blogs are many, my blogroll is guite large. I'd say my top five are:

  10. Here are a few of the MANY blogs that I get inspired by: