Friday, March 19, 2010

Office Redo - Part 1 of Probably Way Too Many!

There is just no way to hide it.... I am SO SUPER EXCITED to be sitting in the new office as a type this. No more hogging my mom-in-laws computer for hours on end. {Thanks mama! You are so kind to have let me used it and I love you to pieces! }

The truth is that there is still some work to be done in the office. Lots of decorating{the fun part} and still a lot of hauling books and files back in{the practical, not so fun stuff.}

Why yes, I always have an office chair in my kitchen. Doesn't everyone?

But can't wait any longer! I've got to show you some things that have been done. And show you the sneak preview of some amazing furniture pieces. We're talking major savings! Like $2.99 for my desk! Can a get a huge wooo hoooo for savings!

Wait till you see the transformation... You'll not believe your eyes!

I think after it is all put together, I might do something like the price my space things like Nester did just to show how economically you can put a room together with thrifty shopping, several gifted/reworked items and lots of elbow grease. That would be kinda fun, huh? We'll have to see how far the room get's this coming week :)

Thrifted curtain rod with ring clips.

But till the room is done, I bring you Part 1 of what may be an ongoing, everlasting series :) {{There really are too many projects, crafts, painting redos, and tips that I want to share that it would really be way to much to cram into one post.}}

LOVE the details on my new desk!

Hubby and I have been talking for quite a while about changing the office space a bit. My little desk was just not working for crafting and the colors in there were too loud once we took his Hot Wheels collection to his office at work.

Puppy enjoys one last time on the Hot Wheels chair.

Yea, you read that right. My hubby collects Hot Wheels. And no he's not the meanie kind of adult collector who runs over little kids to get treasure hunts cars at shows and shops. Just want to make that clear.

Do you remember the show "While you were out?" {{I know this seems like a weird transition, bear with me... it'll make sence in a moment.}} That's the one where a family member was sent out for a few days and the spouce, unsuspecting family members and random neighbors came over to help with a complete redo of a room. For my hubby's birthday 6 years ago, I recruited my mom, cousin and grandma to come on over and help me pull off an office redo like that. He had just started collecting hot wheels at that point and really wanted an office that was inspired by the flame colors.

{{I'll try to find a before photo and scan it for ya}}

So we worked all day while my bro-in-law distracted hubby with pizza and video games. We painted black, with some red and orange stripes on the bottom portion of the wall, got a bunch of fancy display holders for the collections, and then surprised him with the great redo. He loved it! whew! Thank goodness after all that work :)

My new music corner.

But here we are six years later, the collection has moved to the office at work where all can see it and we needed to remake the office into more of a serene space for two people to enjoy - and not be tripping over eachother.

After doing some soul searching and extensive planning in the Home Depot parking lot, we ran in with a very detailed list and schedule of what we needed to gut, paint, and remake the office space. We settled on a color that reminds me of a mocha. And I love it. Peaceful, calm and really makes me thirsty for iced coffee.

{{Insert a quick run to coffee stand here}}

I'll try to remember the name of our yummy mocha walls - we accidentally threw away the lid. But I promise, they are so pretty {even if they don't photograph well at night} and they really make the Polar Bear white trim pop. Isn't that the best name for white? Polar Bear! I just love it.

Even the desk got a coat of Polar Bear. So pretty!

After painting the trim and door white in the office, I decided that I would see what white trim would look like in the living room. So I attacked one very visible portion of the trim with polar bears and I am in love! All the wood color of our doors, cabinets and trim are a sickening pale pinkish-brown with overly dark wood grain. Every piece of "wood" that came with the house is this color and it is just not appealing to the eyes or the stomach. I dreamed of putting all new items in. But then it dawned on me that I should just be greatful for the home, not spend money I don't have and take pride in the fact that I could paint it myself.

So we now have a 5 foot portion of the living room trim painted. It will be a long project. Take many evenings to paint the whole home. But I will finally have white trim I have dreamed of, it will have cost me much less than the origional plan and yes I will be covered in paint for three consecutive years.

But that's ok with me!

I LOVE working on my home. Even a detail like trim work makes me proud to feather my nest... and thankful that I have one to feather :)

What parts of your nest have you feathered lately? Are you painting, sewing, restaging? I'd love to know!

All photos taken by your's truly.


  1. Ooh! I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to see the finished project! Oh, and the name "Polar Bear" white is a cool name!

  2. You've been a busy bee, excited to see what comes next!

  3. We just finished decorating the guest bedroom and my craft room. When we got married 8 months ago and I moved in, those rooms became staging areas for all of the junk. We are proud to announce that the last box has finally been unpacked! The re-do list is long, and the finances short - but I agree with you that I LOVE to feather my nest and am so thankful that I have one to feather... :)

  4. Oh, Emily, how wonderful!! I just know you are loving your re-do, and I can't wait to see pics of the next step. I LOVE the wall color (and the name, yummmm, Mocha!), and a desk for $2.99??? I SOOO need to shop with you!
    Happy redoing!! :-D

  5. I can't wait to see what you've done with your desk and your new office. I'm sure it will be gorgeous. The last thing I did was hang curtains and roman shades in my family room area. They made a HUGE imact, but only one of my friends noticed the difference!! ha ha ha Funny how that works out!!
    Patricia :o)

  6. Even a detail like trim work makes me proud to feather my nest...

    I loved that statement.

    I'm working on my back entrance..I have about a quarter of the trim left to paint and two doors...I used to hate painting but now I'm enjoying 'feathering my nest'...

    Love the deal on the desk. I'm a yard sale diva and so enjoy making my house a home with great deals.