Monday, March 1, 2010

Pulled Muscles and A GIVEAWAY!

Monday is here. And you know what that means... Giveaway time here at "too Blessed to Stress" Yippie!

So before I go on with the details of the Giveaway, I must confess something. The big reveal for the new look of the blog, the awesome photos of the the prizes, and the Linky party I had planned were all kicked to the curb when I hurt my back yesterday. Nothing serious - I'll be fine in a day or two. It's just pulled muscles in my back... and both arms... and right leg....and my neck is so stiff I think it may be super glued in one position forever.

Why all the pain and agony you ask? well it was all for a worthy cause. A $5.99 bargain hutch from the Fancy Store {AKA: Goodwill Outlet} that had to be picked up by 6pm or it went back on the floor for sale. So after church, hubby and I went racing to get the trailer and found it in the backyard of my parent's house. yikes! So after much pulling, prodding, pushing, shoving, yanking, grunting, laughing and a few "we're caught on the side of the house again" moments, we finally got the trailer hooked up and flew to the store 30 minutes away.

We made it just in time, got the hutch home and then had to unload it - just hubby and me. Now I have been known to lift quite heavy furniture in the past - there is a certain adrenaline rush that overtakes a determined housewife when it comes to decorating {you know the feeling, don't you?} But after the trailer pull of 2010, I was a little leary about carrying this beauty into the house.

In the end, we made it with no problems, no smashed fingers and no broken glass.

But today I feel the pain.

So instead of a grand facelift for my blog today{everything is written and chosen, it just takes time to load it} the big reveal will come tomorrow. Please don't hate me! The one day wait will so be worth it. There will be new tabs/pages, Twitter, Etsy, gifts - and lots of fun new features.

But the GIVEAWAY is still starting today.

Because of the above mentioned setback, I have decided to change the format of this giveaway a bit. Today I will show you one item of the giveaway. Then EVERY DAY THIS WEEK, I will add one more item to the giveaway. So instead of receiving one item, the winner of the giveaway will receive Seven items! One item to be revealed each day.
Not only will an item be added every day,
You can enter the giveaway everyday!
There will be a fun new way to enter everyday, so stay tuned!

Won't that be fun? I think so :)
If not, please just take pitty on my aching body and pretend it is.

Todays item is your very own set of the ever loved Brownie Blocks! Perfect for decorating any room in your home, and since they are a nice neutral color you could use these year round! Just mix and match with other colorful accesories.

HOW TO ENTER TODAY: Leave a comment below and tell me one of your decorating stories. A time where you felt that homemaker adrenaline rush and had a decorating adventure! It could be a success or a disaster! There are no right or wrong stories. I just really love knowing I'm not the only insane housewife out there :) This counts as one entry.

WANT ANOTHER ENTRY? OK! Leave another comment telling me that you are a follower. New to the blog? Become a follower and let me know in the comments below. This also counts for one entry.

Be sure to come on back tomorrow for another entry and another item added to the GIVEAWAY.

The easy way to enter will have something to do with your favorite thrifted, discount, or reworked item. Take a look at your blog archive of posts to pick out one (or two or three:) and get ready to link up. I can't wait to see all your great finds tomorrow!

Off to have a back-ache-pitty party... and gear up for tomorrow's Linky Party!

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. I am a follower! I don't really have a decorating story.....I seem to move furniture around, make trips to the Home Depot or do some craft projects when my husband is away! I am not sure why??? Seems when he comes home - things have found a new place or there is something new! looking forward to tomorrow to seeing what's next.

  2. Oh, Emily, I'm so sorry about your back! But what a wonderful find...and such an awesome price!! WOW!
    A decorating story...hmmm....well, our first home was a 3-story brick colonial built in 1872.(It was a beautiful home, but a money pit, really!) When we bought the house, it was a foreclosure and needed LOTS of work. Our first business at hand was to paint the livingroom (all 9'2" high walls and around the 6 huge windows. And WHY was that our FIRST order of business, you may ask? Because the entire livingroom was HOT PINK. YUCK!! One long evening and THREE coats of paint later, our livingroom was a beautiful shade of taupe. (SOO much better! sigh)

  3. Oh, and I'm a follower of your lovely blog!

  4. I am a follower and I have a crazy decorating story...

    On one of my recent snow days, I got the bright idea that I would stencil my entire bathroom alone since hubby was gone and couldn't talk me out of it (he does that...talks me out of things.) So I spent 4 hours stenciling only to decide that I HATED the stencil. So I spent another 3 hours washing the paint off and repainting the wall. When hubby got home, he had no idea that I'd stenciled half the bathroom, washed the walls, repainted with enough time to cook a roast :) Thank goodness for that wifey adrenaline!

  5. i understand back pain...try aleave. unless you have acid reflux then try aleave w/a malox chaser!
    im a follower!

  6. my decorating story...
    done while hubby was on a business trip!

  7. When we moved into the house we live in now, the living room had this horrific elephant border all the way around the room! ELEPHANTS! Not pretty ones either! UGH! So we ripped down what we could, bought a roll of brown contractors paper and tore it into pieces. We pasted it randomly on the wall using wallpaper paste, not really knowing what we were doing! It turned out great & we get so many compliments!! Way better than elephants:)
    Rebekah {All Thingz Related}

  8. ...a happy follower :)
    Rebekah {All Thingz Related}

  9. Hi Emily,
    So sorry to hear about your back! I sure know how that feels. And OF COURSE we'll forgive you for not having the new look ready. The only decorating story I can think of right now has to do with a similar issue with yours. We moved to a big, new house a couple of years ago from a tiny old house. All of our furniture was worn out and small and didn't quite fit the walls. So I had to fill in the spaces with "stuff" before my MIL came to visit from out of state. I HAD to get plants or something. I went to Walmart on a shopping spree of stuff and found the perfect plant along with a perfect pot. They were big, but not so big that it would be a problem, or so I thought. I bent down to put the plant in the pot to see how it would look and I felt something happen to my back... Arrrrg! It was the worst pain ever, but not until I got home and stopped moving. Then I couldn't move! Long story short: I didn't get the plant because I couldn't lift it after the "pop" and I was in pain the whole time my MIL was with us. Never did fill in the spaces, either. ha ha ha ha
    Patricia :o)
    PS: I've been looking forward to your giveaway all weekend. I'm so glad it's here!

  10. Forgot to mention that I'm already a follower.

  11. I hope you feel better soon.

    My hubby and I were bringing some OSB into the house and I got a splinter in my finger and I dropped the wood, and my hubby told me to stop acting like a girl... I could help but laugh at that.

  12. You know I'm a follower. Can't wait until tomorrow.

  13. Well,let's see. First off i'm sorry to hear about your back.all because of a good cause! LOL! And I start following you,well your blog last month. And I love it and read everything! LOL! Anyhow,to make a long story short. Last Fall(beautiful day) I saw a table at my thrift store that had side that folded down and would be perfect for a console table.The price was $24.24,but I refused to pay that amount. So I waited for a few days until they change the tag colors.Hoping and praying that it would be yellow and whatever color that weekend.
    Now mind you I never get to shop without my girls,but that weekend I was able to.So I jetted early so I could hit the by the thift for some bbq sauce.The only one that sells this kind and I live about 20 mins. from the thift now.I used to live around the corner!Anyhow,I didn't need a cart because you have to pay for them and i'm in a hurry,right?! Wrong,when you drop one in line and it goes all over.Thank "GOD",I know the people that work there,so I took her paper towels and cleaned up my mess! Can you believe it,I got none on me!! LOL! And some little old man helped me! Bless his little heart! Ummm,finally get in the truck and off to the thift! YAY! Oh Wait,OMG! There was bbq sauce all over my left boob! LOL!
    What do I do,I want that table!! Well,I had a orange shirt on that showed any little thing,but had no choice but to wash it off! Grabbed me a baby wipe and went to work! Great now it looked like I just milked a cow! Next,thank "GOD",you can find anything in my truck that you need! LOL! Remember,beautiful Fall day 70 some degrees and now I have a coat on!
    Went in the thift and it was sooooo hot in there,I was sweating to death in my COAT!! Oh yes,they had my table! YES!YES!YES! The tag was yellow! People probably thought I had mad issues that day!! LOL!!
    So they loaded my $12.12 table.And I just wanted to go home!Get home and have to sneak this thing to the back yard.Well,you know,sometimes we have too much stuff.And I didn't want him to see this big 'ol table moving in.Well,I go to get it out of my truck and see a tag swinging in the breeze,it said,$75.00! What in the world,double score,triple score some kind of score!! Ummm,and "HEAVY"!! I didn't know because I don't walk in the thift lifting tables over my head! LOL! That was another pretty picture for the neighbors,I think I split my gut getting it back.
    I get it back there very,very quiet because his man cave is right there.And the drunk neighbor screamed"HEY,WHAT YOU GOT THERE?!" OMG,this isn't my day! I'm like shhhhh,shhhhh with my finger over my mouth.Anyhoo,come in the front door like nothing ever happened besides being milked,I mean spilling bbq on my boob! I had to explain that!! LOL!! It just didn't look good! The next week my husband calls me outside and says,do you know anything about this table?! I just about died laughing!!! He thought someone through their old table in our backyard!! PLEASE,don't touch my table,you only know half of what I went through to get!! LOL!

    And can I just tell you that my table is still outside!! LOL! It's waiting for a makeover!


  14. sorry about your back.
    Just heading out the door.
    will enter tomorrow


    barbara jean

  15. Hi! Great idea for a giveaway. addding a new item a day. Too fun. I think that I might have to add some things to mine. (if thats ok if I use your idea)
    I tried to become a follower but stupid blogger or google can not process at this time. Stupid thing! I will bookmark you and try again tomorrow.
    so-a adrenaline rush. I have many cause I am kind of a freak! I love to thrift like you. Just this past november, I was thrifting-it was close to closing time and I was out browsing the outside yard when I saw IT. It was an old time wooden sled. It was across the room. So, what did I do. Did I walk calmly to the sled? Nope-I ran like a total idiot and squealed a little when I got there and noticed the price. $5! five bucks for a antique sled! Sold! It was so worth the people staring at me and thinking that I am the crazy, thrifitng chick. So worth it! Ps-stop by sometime and say hello. I too am having a giveaway!

  16. I'm sorry about your back! I really hope you feel better soon!

    When we moved to Texas, we only had a recliner, a small TV stand, a card table with folding chairs. We had to sell everything before we moved because we didn't have room to bring it with us. A few months later when we saved some money to buy furniture, it was delivered to our apartment. What we bought barely fit into the small space that we had. Lesson learned: Always make sure you take measurements BEFORE you go shopping! LOL!

  17. I just found this blog and love it! I just became a follower. I am so sorry to hear about ur back. I love that u call the Good Will Outlet the Fancy store :) I dont have a decorating story right now but we are moving into a new house and I am planning on whipping up a bunch of beauties in that place - so I will have to owe u one :)If this counts as a decorating story - I was making my hubby's father's day gift out of Michael's letters for my little 5 month old baby at the time to hold and I was in such a rush to paint the letters blue and let them dry and hide them that i left them on the washer dryer and now to this day the washer and dryer have stenciled D A D letters painted on them :// Hubby loved the gift but not the stains!:/

  18. You can read about my decision to "redo" my living room awhile back on my blog, both the "before" and "after". I've been tweaking it here and there since then, but this is the start of it all.

    Here's the before post:

    Here's the after post:

  19. Hi Emily, I hope your back feels better soon!!

    I'm a follower of your blog.


  20. I so understand a 'sore back'... feel better!

    I'm a follower and want to link up to the giveaway....


  21. I am a follower! One of my "disasters" is when I decided to bring my stamping obsession onto the walls :) Yep I used one of my stamps in the kitchen (of course with interior house paint) ... after a couple days I decided I didn't like it and my wonderful man was **oh so happy** to sand it all down and repaint it for me! Now I have a nice clean slate.

  22. I follow you. I just sign on, but pay no attention to my hideous picture. I just started blogging this week and that picture goes with my first post.