Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Fling Swap with Lovely Lori

Have you ever been to Life as Lori blog? She is too cool! So crafty, super sweet and she has some of the coolest parties to participate in.

A month ago, I signed up to be part of her Spring Fling gift swap. It was so much fun! All the participants were matched up with a partner and then we exchanged some info {likes, dislikes, colors, etc.} I was paired up with the ever talented Little Lizzard King. She has so much cool stuff on her blog and I want it all!!!! {nothing piggie about me... right?.... oink!}

The theme was spring gifts. And what says spring more than white fluffy towels? I can almost smell the yummy freshness just thinking about it! So you can imagine my delight when my package arrived with three monogramed towels. White with black monogram for my master bath and yellow/white with blue momogram for the guest bath.

Look how cute they were wrapped up!

I would model them for you... but well you know... they're towels!

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. What a nice gift you received!(:

  2. Yay! (Isn't it funny how, when we're single, towels would be the LAST thing we'd want, but once we have a hubby and a home of our own we just LOVE towels? LOL) And those are so stylish--such a nice gift. Happy for you!