Thursday, August 12, 2010

Radio Gifts

Remember this frame that I had made to giveaway on the radio program I co-host? Well on that same post I shared that I would be making 4 more to giveaway on that same program. This last Sunday we hosted another giveaway and here is what the winner received:

I am so pleased with how it turned out!

Last time I made these little flowers I found round objects to trace around and cut the circles out with scissors. This time I wised up and used my scrapbooking templates with little blades. {Is there an official name for those?}

And just to prove that I am pretty much always a crazy-haphazard-crafting-housewife, here is where I worked:

on the floor, in a dimly lit bedroom, next to the clean laundry pile.

It was 12:30 at night and I had been reading my scripture to finish preparing what I wanted to say on the radio the next day. The theme was " Establish." {Psalm 90:17} Asking God to make the work of our hands fruitful for His kingdom and for future generations. It is a word that has been such an encouragement to me for several weeks now. And as I shared on the radio, it has become the word for our home. One which we have been praying for and He was faithful to give. I'll be sharing more on that later on... along with a beautiful reveal of home decor that reflects that. 

That cream paper is textured with little polka dots. So Pretty!

Since the the majority of our audience is Spanish speaking, the words on any frame I make are in Spanish.

This one says, "Confirm the work of our hands." It's the second part of Psalm 90:17 Spanish NIV.

Today my challenge for you is to take any and every task that you may face - no matter how small and insignificant - and see it as an opportunity to impact someones life with love and service. Ask God to Establish the work of your hands, so that any task you do will have a positive impact on someone.

Maybe you are crafting/decorating your home. As you do, pray for the people who will enter your home and be blessed by the peaceful and lovely surroundings. That they would feel comfortable in the nest you have so lovingly made.

What everyday task could you change
into a blessing for someone today?

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. Thanks for stopping in at my blog=) I love these frames you've made!! I'm your newest follower, I grabbed your button, and by the way, I also craft in the middle of the floor with poor lighting!!! LOL

  2. So pretty! Love the aged look!


  3. How lovely!! That passage is such a blessing. I definitely need to have it in the forefront of my thinking. Very grateful to have found your blog!

  4. Catching up on a summer's worth of posts...and this one, well, WOW. Inspiring, Emily-Friend! Thank you for sharing your heart.