Friday, August 6, 2010

In the Meantime...

UPDATE: It has been found! the charger was... in the misc. clothing drawer. You know, swim suits, gloves, winter socks, tights, etc. And I even looked there two times last week. This time I dumped out several drawers, bags, etc and FOUND it!!!! Back to regular blogging with photos SOON!!!!

Two things are on my mind today...

1. Where is the camera charger? {If you were a camera charger, where would you hide? Any ideas? Please!}

2. Garage sale has been postponed. Major bummer. But the forecast for tomorrow is looking dreadful. Silver lining though, this way we can host a two day sale next week - Friday and Saturday {since I have to be here anyway waiting for the AC/heat pump guy to come fix our wacky air flow system.}

With that said, I have WAY to many awesome projects all done and ready to show you but no camera to take photos with! So since I will be continuing the Major Overhaul of cleaning for another week around here, just thought I would redirect you to a post from earlier this summer with tips and ideas for major decluttering. Fitting, huh?

Click here to read my tips, some AWESOME tips from readers and to add a few of your own.

1 comment:

  1. I couldn't tell you where your charger is, but I bet it'll be the last place you look! Hardy-har-har! Sorry, I'm dilusional. At least you have AC. Ours went out and it's so hot! No happy dancing today. :o(

    I wish I lived near you, I LOVE garage saling! I'd probably wipe you out and you'd probably get rich off of me alone! LOL! Praying you'll get tons of blessings anyway!