Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Crazy Housewife

Yup, that would be me.
The crazy housewife.

The one who jumps up from the couch at 10:15 last night and announces to her hubby, "I feel like spray painting something!"

To which he laughs hysterically, says I am the cutest ever and that he loves my spontaneity... Somehow he did not seemed surprised, though... as if this were a regular occurrence in our home. ahem.

The spray paint victim this time:

A light pink and white spattered pedestal/holder found earlier that day at goodwill for $2.99. Love me a good deal!

Although the pink and white motif could have worked for valentines, I wanted to be able to use this year around. So it was off to the garage to tackle the pedestal with two light coats of fast drying left over spray paint from the cupboard.

I think the color is called almond. and it is a lovely creamy white... just like the inside of an almond. It was left over from painting some little frames and we've had the leftovers for 7 years. Yea, paint gets used down to the last drop before it is allowed to leave these premises :)

I had to paint here:

Because the rest of the garage looked like this:

Don't freak out on me now. All that is for the garage sale.
Yea for us!

Anyhow, this morning I walked out to get my newly transformed beauty... and loved it!

Don't you just love that shape?

Just for fun I used the decor balls from this post so that I could put the pedestal on display in the entryway.

Isn't it great how a simple coat of paint can totally change the look and feel of an item? *sigh* I'm really diggin' it!

What have you attacked lovingly changed with spray paint lately?

All photos taken by yours truly.
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  1. Nicely done! That was a terrific find! Looks great in your entry way.

    Most recently I attacked the frame for my bathroom mirror with brushed nickle spray paint. It was some hideous something or other left by the previous owner and we contemplated taking out the whole mirror just to get rid of it. Then I decided to see if I could get it off to spray paint it, and it worked!! :-)

  2. Ooo! ANYTHING painted white... I LOVE.
    This looks Great!
    Love your style :)

  3. Looks much better. I do like the shape of that dish, it's very retro/vintage.

    I've not spray painted anything in awhile. I have several things in the "to do" pile, but I need to get going.

  4. looks great!
    and what HAVENT i attacked with spray paint lately?!

  5. Love that! It's amazing what a 'lil spray paint can do!

    The scripture on the sign on the wall is one of my faves by the way. I love that sign, too!

  6. Very nice!! Makes me want to take a trip to Goodwill too. :) Gotta go check out your link to the decor balls now. LOVE!

  7. I love spray paint! I just spray painted a night stand a friend gave me!

  8. Ooh! I LOVE that! It IS amazing how a few coats of paint can transform something into beauty! Good job!

    I painted a few of my wooden shelves an awesome green (can't remember the name of the color) to put in my craft room, which is almost done by the way! YEAH!!!

    Oh, and I so know the feeling of wanting to paint all of a sudden! LOL! That's awesome!