Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Corner Bookmark

These are two sweet little girls that a dear part of our lives right now. Whenever we see them we share many giggles, have adventures playing games and read books together. It's great fun! The older of the two is now reading her first chapter books and along with that came a love for bookmarks. She doesn't need anything fancy, just a piece of paper to "keep her place." So cute! So when I saw a corner bookmark here, I just knew that I needed to try one out for her.

Isn't this just the cutest corner bookmark? It's handy to have around and is a great use for all those left over pieces of scrapbook paper.

To make one, cut one 4"x4" piece of scrapbook paper and another 2 3/4"x 2 3/4".

Find the center on the 4"x4" piece and fold down the tips to make two little flaps. 

It kinda looks like a little house. {don't ya just love the precise "house explanation? heehee!} Then cut the smaller square from one point to another so that you have two triangles.


Use a strong scrapbooking adhesive to attach one triangle across the back of the larger piece where the little flaps are to create a pocket and anther across the front to embellish. 


Make sure you can slip your fingers inside the little pocket on the back and that it is not glued shut! {This is where you will slide the page of the book into.}

Then use punches, colored pens and corner punches to embellish.

Isn't this punch great? I got it a Craft Mart {it's usually available at Michaels as well.} It makes a darling heart pattern and leaves a little corner to slip another piece of paper into.

So sweet!

What little projects have you been working on?

All photos taken by yours truly.
I'm Getting My Craft on today here... are you? :)


  1. How adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. How adorable is that! My granddaughters and even my grandson would love one of those. I must copy and make a few of them. Thank you for sharing. You have a cute blog.

  3. That is a great idea, love how it actually stays on the inside of the book as opposed to sticking out of it!

  4. Founf your blog through a linky that you linked up to. Im new to the blog world and the wonderful world of changing things with spray paint. I was at Michaels this past week and they have lots of spray paint marked down to .99 !!!