Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Garage Sale-ing

Oh how I wish that this title meant that I was merrily skipping up and down other people's driveway hunting for treasures.... instead it means that I am currently knee deep in stuff in our garage sorting to host a garage sale.

Crummy camera phone pic, sorry but camera battery is LOST! ahhhh!


On the one hand:

I am tired, sweaty, covered in dirt and while the finish line is near.... I'm still not done.. and it feels as thought it may never get done!

On the other hand, I can look at the bright side:

My house and garage will be clutter free, I may make a few bucks at the sale and I have learned that in a case of extreme emergency I can kill a spider on my own.... if I absolutely have to and there is no one else around to save me from the heart palpitations and girly screams. No, I am not afraid of spiders... I just really really really don't like being near them and may or may not have a slight aversion to them. 

So, all that to say that this week we will be gearing up for this sale with lots of sorting, clutter control, and the best part of letting stuff go.... moving furniture around and redecorating spaces! Our bedroom furniture got shuffled around last night and we are LOVING the change. More on that later... when I find my camera charger... that's a whole other story.

Any time we have a garage sale, there are a few little things that help make the day easier:

~ Make sure we have plenty of change. Dimes, quarters and ones and fives are what we usually get. And we don't wait till the day of the sale to get the change either... no matter how much time we may think we have, it is never enough. So someone always make the change run the night before.

~ Super clear, easy to read signs. It really makes all the difference. Same goes for prices too. It is so annoying to go to a garage sale and have to keep asking over and over how much things cost.

~ Plenty of bags, left over bubble wrap and  newspaper to bag up and wrap purchases. Some people want it wrapped up others won't - either way it is a friendly gesture :)

~ Windex or wipes to shine up glassware such as candle holders, lamps, vases, etc. Basically anything that will not be used for eating.

~ Lunch in the slow cooker - soup, stew, picnic roast, chili for hot dogs, etc. Every garage sale, we'll be going along just fine... then we sit down for a break and it hits us just how tired and hungry we are. With lunch all made in the slow cooker, there is no need to wait for takeout. Just serve up some soup, add a piece of french bread and grab some fresh drinks.

~ Make our bed. Even if no one is going to see it and if it is so messy a biohazzard team wouldn't approach it with a ten foot pole - make the bed. That way after a long day all we have to do is wipe off the dirt and climb into a freshly made nest. ahhhhh, heaven!

~ Have a plan for hauling off all the stuff that didn't sell. For us, that means extra boxes, bags and a securing the little trailer from hubby's work. Goodwill is only a few minutes from our house, so as soon as the signs are down and it's packed up we take it all to the donation center....
......................and then we pull around to the front
and take a quick run through the store
to see if there is anything we just absolutly can't live without!
oh wait , did I just admit that out loud?
Shameless I know :)

What are your best garage sale tips?

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  1. Great tips! I am about to have a Yard Sale next weekend. These are just in time.

    Thanks for sharing.