Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weeds vs. Gardener

It was an epic battle. One for the history books.

A husband and wife.
One badly overgrown garden.
A pup in neep of an approved place to dig.
Weeds that would not give up without a fight.

Spanish Lavender.

After the first few pulls, I felt tempted to adopt this mantra:

"A weed is only a misplaced plant"

And just call it good!

Sterling Silver rose ready to bloom.

But we pushed through, worked till sundown and by the end of the evening we were sitting all snuggled up with the pup here:

Enjoying our newly weeded and planted garden.

Ahhh this is the good life :)

I'll be gone from bloggy land for the weekend, but here is a sneak peak of what's coming next week....

~ Redecorating in the main living area - using what we have!

~ More of Tour de Garden - Remember this post about our desires to revamp the backyard? We're well on our way to a weed free, self-landscaped beauty! Exciting {and slow} process :)

~ Radio givaway frames. Thank to everyone for their suggestions for what to include on the giveaway frames! {see here} I'll be showing you the four frames I made to give away on our radio program.

Frames that were transformed for music corner... which looks wonderful!

~ The office reveal - finally got around to getting decent photos! Oh so excited to show you all :)

What will you be doing this weekend?
Will you be crafting? Trying a new recipe?
Spending time with the family? Enjoying your garden?
I'd love to know - share in the comments below!

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. As of now, I have no plans for the weekend and I'm very happy about it! hehe

  2. Hi, Emily-Friend! So glad the weeds didn't win, lol. :-D Your backyard pics are great...can't wait to see the rest of your pics.
    debbi :-)

  3. Hope your enjoying your little break from blogland!

    BTW, I hope you don't mind but I awarded you with the "versatille blogger" award!