Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blue on Blue

Have you ever heard of blue hour? I found out about it recently, completely by accident. {I was looking for patio decorations, go figure!} The photos were stunning! And I couldn't wait to try my hand at some blue hour pics.

Evening shot with flash - makes the background black.

No flash, blue hour, you can see the detail behindthe table.

Blue hour is the hour when the sky turns a deep blue and it is the best time to take night portraits.

Ten minutes before blue hour.

Just as blue hour started.

Fifteen minutes into blue hour

Twenty minutes into blue hour.

Hubby and I tried out few pics durring blue hour. And although the memory card ran out before optimal blue hour time was reached, we did get some great shots.

Before blue hour.

Beginning of the hour.



I can't wait to try some more out this week... with a tripod... because as you will see, some pics are blurry... I couldn't help it... hubby made me laugh!

Just before.

Beginning of the hour.

Fifteen minutes into the hour.

Mid hour.

By the way, all of these photos were taken with our little point and shoot camera. It has great resolution and color, but no fancy lens. So you see, all you need for a great photo is a decent camera and some patience.... and a hubby who will make you laugh doesn't hurt either :)

Read about blue hour here, and here find out when your blue hour is, and get your camera charged and ready to take some awesome pics.

Have you taken any outdoor photos this year?
Were any durring blue hour?

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. great pics! I tried it but shot toward the western sky (where the sun sets of course) I think that made a difference. I plan to try it again soon.
    I love how yours look, thanks for sharing.

  2. Great shots, Emily-Friend! I am going to have to try this...as soon as dh returns with my camera. :-)