Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dinner for Two - Me and You

So if the posts around here have seemed a little scarce lately, it's because May is the busiest month at work for me. And the last few weeks have taken all my time and energy. It is all wonderful things, and my work is so rewarding, but I am beat!

Time to relax!

And wouldn't you know that hubby has been going through some tough junk at work as well {nothing serious, just messed up orders were delivered to him all week long!} So as you can imagine, there has been little time for ... well anything fun and relaxing! So today I got up and made a resolution - we were going to have a date night tonight.

Homemade Lemon Cream Pie - Heavenly!

Just the two of us, no cell phones, no schedule, no deadlines to keep

- just relax at home and do whatever our little hearts desired.

Windchimes that hung at my Granparent's house for as long as I can remember.
Now they grace my garden.

Fortunately the weather the last couple days has been wonderful. So I decided to make a romantic dinner for two and serve it on the back patio. It was fabulous!

Dinner consisted of ribblets with a homemade concoction sauce, fried potatoes and onions, steamed veggies, and....

 ...homemade lemon cream pie. Delightful!

Everything is better with pie!

After clearing away all the junk and winter goobers from the patio, I cleaned out the little fountain, got it running and set all the pillows out on the lawn furniture.

A blue and white checked shower curtain was just perfect for a table cloth - it was long, flowey and only $1.29 at the Fancy Store! And you'll never guess the brand - Pottery Barn Kids! It still had part of the original tags. Score!

Little touches like individual S&P shakers,

ceramic napkin rings, and crystal glasses made the outdoor experience all the more delightful.

To keep the table clutter free, I used the fancy dish stacker thingie for the potatoes and veggies and a cake stand for the lemon pie. Not only was it practical, but it looked lovely.

And yes, the red candles weren't part of the blues, greens, and yellows color scheme... but I searched high and low for others in the linen closet and there were none to be found. Oh well, I wasn't about to let a little thing like that ruin my evening! With everything else on the table, it was barely noticeable.... until I just pointed it out... to everyone in bloggy land...oh well! :)

A single Iris from our garden fit just right in a bud vase.

This milky dish was the perfect backdrop for vibrant limes, and a door knob used as a tealite cup.

We ate, laughed, reconnected and enjoyed a moment together... listening to the birds feeding their babes in the nest in our tree, the water trickling, and windchimes ringing.
 Pure bliss.

All in all it was a great, wonderful, marvelous evening....

even though I messed up the pie a bit....
and lost half an eyebrow.

Oh. Yes. I. DID.

Hubbby has still not noticed...

Come back tomorrow for that story... and the uber yummy pie recipe!

All photos taken by yours truly.
Linking to between naps on the porch. Join in on the fun!


  1. beautiful table!! Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. Just lovely. looking forward to the pie recipe for sure.

  3. Hello there! Love the name of your blog! Your outdoor dinner and setting sounds and looks fabulous. I love all those great touches you thought of. The candelabra gives the table some great drama and makes it look even more special. Glad you were able to step away from the cell phones and have a nice meal together...

  4. What a great way to spend an evening with your hubby. Hope you can relax this weekend!! :)

  5. Lovely! Date night is so important.

  6. Emily-Friend, what a wonderful evening! Your hubby is so blessed. :-)
    Can't wait to hear the eyebrow story, lol! If it involves candles, I can totally relate...I even started my wedding veil on fire during our wedding candle-lighting ceremony...REALLY! :-) Oh, well, those are the things that help us to remember, right??
    Happy Friday!
    *smiles and hugs*

  7. This turned out so CUTE! Good job.

    I love your blog. I left something for you over at my blog:


  8. Fun table and what a great idea! A date at home! You get to enjoy your wonderful home and the price is right!!!! Those napkin rings are adorable.

    Thanks for your kind comment and becoming a follower.

    I hope you'll join the party on June 2, 2010.

    - The Tablescaper

  9. Enjoyed your post! Now, see, it would never occur to me to use a shower curtain as a tablecloth, but it looks wonderful! I have some similar cakestands and enjoy changing the ribbons woven through them. Now I'm craving lemon cream pie! Thanks for your nice comment on my table.

  10. Love your blue and white table. Great idea, using the shower curtain as a tablecloth!