Monday, May 31, 2010

Birthday Bash

Today is my sweetheart's birthday! How great is it to have your birthday fall on a holiday? No need to ask for the day off!

Happy Birthday to the man I am blessed to call mine - the one who loves me, cares for me and makes me laugh till my side hurts!  You are such a joy to be married to I love you!

Several weeks ago, I decided that it would be fun to have a get together with friends and family to celebrate him. Last year we hosted a hot dog roast for a friend's birthday party and it was a great hit. So I thought that it would be fun to kick off Memorial Day weekend, Birthday weekend and summer with a hot dog roasting, wii bowling, cake eating, outdoor shindig. And even though the weather forcast turned from icky to nasty, I really thought that the rain would cooperate and give us dry afternoon.

All bundled up to eat on the back porch.

Silly me, what was I thinking? By Thursday evening it was clear that the rain definatly was not going to let up. We needed a covered area to bar-b-q and a house big enough to entertain 25 people indoors. So we decided last minute to change the party to my parents home - emails, text messages, and phone calls went out the night before the party and fortunatly everyone got the message. Whew! It would have been awful to have someone drive all the way to our home and find an empty house.

So even though all the plans had been made for our home and an outdoor setting, I quickly readjusted the menu and decorations to fit our new party central.

Nothing worked as I had origionaly planned it two weeks ago....And everything was wonderful.

Everyone brought a dish to share and it was quite a feast!

A dear friend brought two homemade cakes:

German Chocolate

and Orange Lemon. Yum!

The guys played pool and the gals played a fancy dance version of twister. We all laughed till we cried, talked late into the day, and started off the weekend with a fantastic time of fellowship.

It just goes to show that our perfect plans are not always the right plans for a get together. Sometimes it has to be readjusted and tweaked to fit unusual circumstances. But we can either go with the flow or get upset that that our plan was foiled.

I think I'll go with option one -
go with the flow.
No need to cry over spilled milk...
just pour yourself another glass.

Do you also find it hard to let go of perfect plans?
Are you having to learn to go with the flow?

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. Being a mom of 2 little kids definitely FORCES me to go with the flow sometimes!! haha

  2. Aww! Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

    I know how plans fail, but like you, I go with the flow and make the most of it. Besides, I figure it just adds character to the event! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. Looks like you all had lots of fun, despite the rain.

  4. Happy Birthday, Emily-Friend's hubby!! :-) Sounds like you had an awesome bash, and I know your precious wiffy made the day extra-special.