Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Balancing Me

Life can be so crazy and hectic that somtimes it feels like I'm a ring master at a three ring circus! And not only are the lion, and tigers and bears {oh my!} not cooperating with the stunts, the tightrope walker has gotten all tangled up, the clowns are stuck in the mini car and the guy that jumps off the high dive has just devoloped a case of stage fright and is stuck at the top of the ladder. And to top it all off, the tent is coming down mid-show and I can barely fit into my fancy red buton up jacket with matching whistle.
As tempted as I might be to close down the circus for the day, throw my hands up in the air and give up, I know that there is a solution.... Balance. Balancing work, home life, cooking, cleaning, time for others and time for me.

Did you catch the last one? 
 ~ Me ~
Yep, just a few "me" minutes every day can help keep the mundane, ho-hum's, and even crazies at bay. Taking at least 15 minutes each day to sit down with something warm to drink, sweet music, and inspiring reading keeps my mind focused and my emotions balanced. A place to jot down my thoughts serves as a record of where I was, how far I've come, and my hopes for where I am going in this wonderful life. Ahhhhh, the perfect setting to start off the day.

The only problem that I found was that all to often I would leave the music, book, journal, etc. laying around or packed away in a suitcase from a trip and never find it again. Then when it was "me" time, I couldn't find anything and would spend all morning looking for the lost items! Stressful way to start the day - hunting for lost items - and by the time I would give up and find something else to do for "me" time.... it was time to go! Not only had I missed out on spending a few moments alone, gathering my thoughts before starting the day, I had added extra stress by being unorganized.

So a little while ago I decided to put an end to it. No more missing out on those precious times of reflection and meditation. After gathering up everything that I thought would be nice to have right on hand, I put it in a basket that fits perfectly inside my bottom nightstand drawer. Now everthing is right next to the bed - I can read and listen to music first thing in the morning, or I can take the whole basket with me to another part of the house an relax there.

No more crazed searching for a book. No more frustrating mornings trying to find the next CD in a series.

Simple solution... fantastic results :)

Have you made time for "YOU" today?

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. LOVE this post, Emily-Friend! Balance is the one thing I'm always trying to keep hold of...and the one thing that always seems to be "off".
    I agree that the "me" time first thing each morning (which for me means "ABC" time--'A'lone, 'B'ible to read, and 'C'offee in hand) is the best way to start the day off on the right foot...or on BOTH feet, which would be more balanced, wouldn't it?? :-)
    *hugs and smiles*

  2. I spend each and every morning in my little corner of the house in my dining room. I have a shelf that 'houses' all my prayer books, Bible, etc. In the daycare room I have a journal and when the daycare children are playing I will sit down in my red chair (of course it's red,lol) and pour out my heart. I have a quiet area in my bedroom where I spent time before bed time,,and in the rec room I have an area where I spend time cutting out pictures of inspiration from magazines that I will later use to make more It is very important not only to me but my family that I spend time for me alone,,,to quiet my heart...than I'm a much happier person to be Loved the basket you got set up..