Saturday, June 19, 2010

Even In The Rain

Even though there has been crazy amounts of rain the last few weeks, my roses found a way to withstand the wind and water to produce this:

I so wish this post could be a scratch n' sniff - these roses have the most fantastic scent! If I could bottle it and sell it as perfume I would indeed be a millionaire. It is out of this world.

And the gorgeous color just makes me swoon every time. It's called Sterling Silver.

When I was 9 years old, a neighbor on my grandparents block had one of these roses and every year it bloomed I would tell my grandma that when I grew up I wanted a sterling silver rose for my first home.

When hubby and I got marrried 7 years ago, she and I went to pick out the first plant for my garden - a Sterling Silver rose. It was my house warming gift from her... and now that she is no longer with us, it is my daily reminder of the special bond she and I had. How much she loved me. How special she was to remember a wish from my little 9 year old heart.

Sweet memories!

What special memories are you contemplating today?

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. That is beautiful, and what a great reminder of your Grandmother.

  2. what a great post emily!

    with father's day tomorrow i've been having fun remembering special memories with my dad. one that was always so much fun for us was my dad getting down on all fours when we were little and playing "horsie" with us:)

  3. That's so sweet about your Grandma!!

  4. Oh, I love this post! I just love the color of your rose--WOW! I've never seen one...and now I want one...pity that I can't get growing things to live, lol.
    Your grandma sounds SO special. I miss my Grammie, too.
    Since I went to TWO weddings today, I am remembering how special my wedding was, and how blessed I am to have my hubbie.
    *hugs and smiles*

  5. This is too blessed's husband and I just wanted to say how proud I am of my wife. She makes my home beautiful and I love for all of you to get to see the fun things I get to see every day. I love you baby!

  6. Those flowers are so pretty! And what a grea story!

    Haven't seen you around for awhile and I hope everything is okay. Just wanted to stop by and say hi, so, "Hi!"