Thursday, July 8, 2010

Alive and Well!

Thank you so much for all of the sweet emails and messages asking where I was and if things were OK. y'all just bless my heart so much!

I have been on a blogging break - but not by choice!

The computer has gone on strike and no longer turns on, makes noise, or even flashes little lights. Completely gone! 

Fortunately handsome hubby is also a computer geek by night and he's pretty sure the memory can be saved... as in saving all the photos from the last 7 years, blogging posts written just for you and my first eBook! 

That's right! As soon as the computer gets back into working order I shall begin the finishing touches on the first too Blessed to stress eBook. 

It will have tons of memory making ideas, family activities, several recipes, and lots of photos!

So hang in there my faithful followers... I hope to up and running very soon :)


  1. Sorry to hear that you've been having computer issues but glad that all is well! Excited for your eBook, hoping for big success!

  2. SOO sad!! I've missed your posts, Emily-Friend! I hope hubbie can save all of those precious pics and memories...and WOW! A BOOK???!!! I'm SOOOO impressed...can't wait to read it! :-)
    *hugs and smiles*

  3. I have a blog award for you on my new craft blog. Here's the link: