Thursday, June 3, 2010

When Simple Is Enough

Yesterday over at Reluctant Entertainer, Sandy was talking about keeping a simple tablescape and instead investing a little more effort on the food that leads to the best part - fellowship around the table.

And really fellowship and connection is what it is all about.

Truth be told, I actually love tablescaping {is that even a word? Now it is!} And I really enjoy fancy table arrangements.... but not every time. Those are saved for special occasions, or when I have time to prep and plan ahead. But for everyday living, I enjoy simple things like a collection of candles, fresh flowers in a mason jar, roses in bud vases, etc.

Just a few weeks ago, hubby and I took advantage of the great weather and ate every meal over the weekend on our patio. We kept both the food and decorations simple. The focus was on each other - enjoying the sounds of the outdoors, enjoying the warm weather, enjoying each other's company. Bliss!

Little things made this afternoon extra special:

Homemade french bread...

Fresh salad with homemade dressing...

Dishes from a dear friend who is no longer with us...

A plate of hot sauces and spicy peppers for hubby...
{too spicy for me!}

Candles that flickered into the night...

And a ribblet bone that flicked off the rib hubby was eating and landed right into his goblet! It was a perfect hit. Couldn't have planned it better if he tried. We laughed till our sides hurt and then of course I took a picture! Document the special moments, right?

When it comes to making memories around the table, do it up fancy or keep it simple - whatever makes you happy. Just remember to keep the focus on each other. That's where the memories are made... that and ribblet flicking!

Want to read more on keeping it real at dinner time?

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All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. Flicking riblets...funny! My husband likes a lot of hot spicy things too! He puts hot sauce on EVERYTHING! :) Your meal looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love your philosophy about entertaining and relationships. So very much like mine.
    I would love to invite you to my shared meme TEAPOT and TEA THINGS TUESDAY, with Wanda, The Plumed Pen and myself, Breath of Fresh Air, any time. I am sure the ladies would love to see your blog, which I will be joining.
    Have a great week. Pam

  3. It looks perfect. Simple is my favorite and especially if you're outside, a a bunch of candles make a dramatic table. Good job. Oh, and I like the bone in the goblet!

  4. HAHAHA! That's awesome about the riblet! What good times and YES! You MUST document the memories! LOL!

    Also, I'm stealing your Dinner For Two idea! I love Love LOVE that idea!

  5. I think you are going in the right direction. It's nice to make everything look nice but not at the cost of the food you are serving.

  6. fun post! have a great weekend!!

  7. I do love elaborate tabelscapes...I was a wedding planner - it is hard to escape. But that said, there is something especially delightful of a simple table with flickering candles, a few touches here and there, and most importantly good friends and good food. I am a new follower.
    504 Main

  8. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I like an elegant spread as well, but I don't have a formal dining room right now. One day, though. :)

  9. Emily-Friend, I just love this post! I always spend so much time on the food prep that I forget (*gasp!*) about the tablescape. Usually, there's so much food on the table that there isn't room for much else, lol! I am going to try to be more like you, though, tee hee--even your simple tablescapes (I like that word, lol!) are so much prettier than mine. I need to pay more attention to those all-important details.

  10. This is a great post! I don't tablescape...but maybe someday I will!