Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get Out The Red Carpet

Rose from our garden last year.

I had no idea that I would need to get out of my jammies and put on the diamonds and white gloves to blog this morning... but then I read Kitschalicious' post here and realized that I have been given an award! yippie skippie! Suddenly my sweats and t-shirt don't seem fancy enough. Please excuse me while I change into red carpet attire.

{runs to dust off "real" cubic zirconia jewelry}

Thank you sweet Adrienne for the award, you have totally blessed my heart and started off my day with a smile and a happy dance!

And I needed that.

After a wreestless night dreaming about having to feed 80-100 women turkey and tuna sandwiches {strange combo} and not starting to make the sandwiches till they were seated at their tables, and having to flee from an angry, hungry mob... well let's just say that I just needed that little pick me up this sleepy morning!

And yes I know, I have the strangest dreams. Lucky me, I also seem to remember most of my dreams. *sigh* Time to hit the coffee.

Well, I do believe that it is time to say 10 things that make me happy and pass the award on to another wonderful blogger.

1. My hubby - he makes me laugh every day with his silly antics. Seriously, someone asked me to put all his goofy quotes and "Ballads from the Pallate" {that's what he calls them} in a book and sell it. He is a hoot!

2. Family and making memories - I can not even begin to express to you how much of a family driven person I am. Family is a safe place - a place to establish roots and stretch your wings.

3. Crafting. I heart crafting. It is so rewarding to get a half-baked, fully-crazed idea and see it come to completion. Ahhh, so rewarding!

4. Bargain shopping - Specifically the Goodwill and Fancy store. As I always tell hubby, nothing says love like discount prices! 

5. Long weekends with my hubby - Getting to be home together for a whole day - pure bliss!

6. Hosting get togethers - I love opening my home to friends and family.

7. Home cooked meals - Both making them and eating them! haha!

8. Sunggling with our fluffy pup.

9. Home improvement projects - just give me a sledge hammer and I'm ready to go! ok just kidding, I'm really more of a "make-a-gazillion-holes-in-the-wall-with-a-single-nail-while-trying-to-hang-up-that-picture" kind of girl.

10. Blogging - I love sharing life here at the "too Blessed to Stress" nest and learning from all of you.

So I am thrilled to pass this award on to The Tablescaper. Have you seen her tablescapes? Stunning! Brings a smile to my face for sure :)

Enjoy the award, and feel free to pass it on if you like.

And thanks again, Adrienne, for the award! You are too sweet.


  1. congratulations, well deserved:) you do have interesting dreams, i can envision all those hungry ladies chasing after you swinging their purses.

  2. Congrats on your award... I so love your dream... I used to cater and did have to do just that.. get 400, of something, into hungry party go'ers! That was stressing!...
    Thanks for your visit to my blog today.. nice of you to comment...

  3. Yay! I'm so happy that you have date nights like us! I was wondering if I should post that it was actually a "date" LOL... for the fear of it sounding lame! haha.

    We just feel like ANYTHING together, without kids is SUCH a fun time!
    Your date sounds like it was so fun too! :)

  4. Congrats on receiving your award! I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog this week. Your blog is beautiful-I'm a follower now. If shopping at Goodwill makes you happy, you're my kind of girl! Take Care


  5. Yay!! Congrats, dear Emily-Friend! You SO deserve this award!!!