Thursday, February 11, 2010

Table For One, Please!

Teapot infuser to match my mug - hello cuteness!
My mom and sis in law know me well.

Do you ever have one of those mornings where you have a bunch of ideas for a post, but not one of them seems to be complete. There is just a little somthing missing... like photos and written words, not just thoughts and good intentions. Today is one of those days.

Even if it's a table for just me, I still love a fun little centerpiece.

And then I remembered a bunch of photos from last week. A tiny tablescabe that I was never able to post. And wouldn't you know, today is Tablescape Thursday over at Between Naps on the Porch.

Christmas gift from my mom-in law. Does she know me or what?
Pink and black, sparkles, puppy and polka dots.

So today as I run around finishing valentines, do a bit of baking, get ready for the weekend (scrapbooking event!), and try to pick up the crafting mess in the living room, I will do my best to squeeze in some photos of my home all decked out for Valentintes and share those tomorrow.

This table for one was made just for me durring my quiet time last week. ahhhh... relax!

Have you decorated for valentines this year? Do you go all out? Or are you into small touches around the house? Either way, I would love to see your valentine projects, decorations, and ideas. Please share in the comments below!

Table for one please!


  1. O gosh that was so cute!!~ Tomorrow I am hosting my second meme party, fun foto friday, so anything that makes us smile!!~ easy one...please come join in the fun, I have a button on my blog and will have details later on!!~

  2. Not every post has to be a prize winner....this one was wonderful...simple and to the point...and I also love that adorable tea set!!!

  3. Oh I totally feel you on the partial posts. I would have at least two posts a day for the rest of the year if only - ha! Cute touches for V-Day. I just add a few touches here and there. Have a great weekend!

  4. Sometimes, I have the inspiration, but not the energy to photograph and then execute the post. But they can't all be great. Yours is though. I love your little table for one vignette!

  5. Cute cup and teapot! I've read through your blog and you have some really good ideas. I'll be back to visit soon.

    Bunny Jean

  6. Cute!!! And I have days like you described more than I would like to admit. Thanks for visiting my Valentine tablescape & for leaving a comment. I decorate quite a bit for Valentine's Day. In fact, I have 4 posts yesterday alone about it. So come back & visit my blog if you want to see all of my decor. But if you don't, I will understand.