Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brownie Blocks

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A few days ago, I saw these adorable blocks over at Inspiring Creations - a fantastic blog written by the talented Lindsey. She is a crafting genius! Seriously, I am so inspired by her home decor talent.

Anyhow, these "Spring" blocks gave me an idea to make some for my newly revamped laundry room. {by the way, Lindsey's tutorial on how to make these is awesome. It could be an E-book.}

While we were out and about on a scavenger hunt at the local boutique {aka. Goodwill}, Hubby agreed to cut the blocks out in differnt sizes all cute like Lindsey's.

And then I walked into Value Village. And I saw this.

There was a choir singing,"ahhhhh" all angel-like in the background. There were visions of a gazillion crafts dancing around in my head. I may or may not have giggled out loud and done a happy dance right there in the store.

Once home, I dumped out the contents and realized that I had hit the jackpot. not only were there a bunch of fineal, spindle, and round thing-a-makiggies.... there were blocks! Lots of them. Enough to spell out "Laundry Time."

Well, one thing led to another, and the Laundry blocks became too fancy for the laundry room and have now ended up in my living room entryway. And I love them. With all my little heart. Don't fret laundry room. Your blocks will come.

Actually, I would put these in the laundry room... I just really wanted them in the entryway with the bird egg vignette. There I said it.

Tomorrow I'll post the tutorial for my blocks. Today, I am too busy swooning over my newly crafted tablescape with Brownie Blocks.

Yep. Brownie Blocks.

Keep reading, you'll see what I mean.

The blocks project had just been completed,
and I called hubby over for a look....

Hubby: "I like them! They came out awesome babe." {sweet smile}
Me: "awww, thanks!"
Hubby: {eyes light up} whoa! look at them from over here! {motions for me to come over}
Me: {Head over and look} "Oh yea... they do look great from here too." {and they are great... but they also look the same}
Hubby: {huge grin on his face} "they look like brownies! and the bird-egg-thingies in there look like chocolate malt balls!"
Me: {laughing hysterically at this point}
Hubby: "If you set those on the table, I bet my Grandpa would totally try and eat those!"

He is, of course, refering to a time when Grandpa N. thought that some sparkly mini eggs on the dinning room table were jelly beans and proceeded to munch on a few. Unfortunatly, he was very disappointed they were plastic, spit them out, Grandma N. laughed a bunch and then left us money to replace them. So sweet! I love that story!}

I need something for the top of the Large Candlestick...  Any ideas?

And so, in honor of my hubby's sweet comments about my new blocks, I am dubbing these the "Brownie Blocks" and tomorrow I shall post about the wonderful Caramel and Oreo Brownies I made to take to his office. Hello yummy goodness! {idea from Making the World Cuter - love that blog!} Be sure to come on back tomorrow for the recipe, tutorial for these blocks, and more down home goodness.

What homemaking adventure are you embarking on today?

All photos taken by yours truly and Mr. "too Blessed to Stress {AKA my hubby}
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