Thursday, February 4, 2010

Making It Special

What a fun week this has been! I have so enjoyed talking with all you wonderful gals about gift baskets and making them meaningful. And getting to know you all a little better through email and comments has just made this week of being cooped up in the house due to a nasty cold all the more bearable. Thank you! I am so looking forward to getting to know you all even better throughout the year.

Yesterday I mentioned that I would share some simple ways to spruce up a gift of food. Since we've already covered how to put baskets together and fun ideas for fillers, today I want to show you some special touches for food packaging before it goes into the basket.

This is a little piknic style meal I put together for my hubby and me. But these ideas could be used when delivering a meal to a new mother, a family who has just moved in, a date with your kiddos, meal for a teacher, or for no special reason at all - a "Just Because" occasion. 

In this case, I got all my containers, ribbons, and tags together to make sure they matched - blues, silver and gold. {not that hubbster would notice... but he might! He's surprised me before.} I decided that I would pack his lunch as usual, but this time include a few messages that indicated that he should bring his lunch and meet me at the park.

So instead of just writing out a note, I used my handy dandy Chalk Ink Marker to write on the plastic container. Have you discovered these yet? They are fantastic! They make your chalk board art look so clean and crisp and work well on things like tupperware.

Then I tore off the label to a can of pineapple {yep, he eats it all right out of the can} and replaced it with a note to meet me at our favorite park.

I just freehanded a wavy line out of two colors of scrapbook paper, wrote my message, and taped them together in the back where the original label had a seam. {Make sure to have a can opener handy if your can of fruit does not have a flip top lid!}

Next I packaged up some homemade Snickerdoodles stacked on top of a little silver tray in a plain plastic baggie. The tray keeps the cookies from rolling around in the lunch pail, and that way they will be in one piece when it's time for lunch. It was then finished off with a matching ribbon, and a little label I punched out and glued a heart on.

If you don't have a little tray, try a stiff piece of cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil. {I was going to show you, but wouldn't you know we're out of foil? Even in the backup cupboard! oh the insanity of it all! :) }

Last, but certainly not least, the veggie tray. Instead of tossing veggies all together in a Ziplock baggie, I decided that we needed something a little more special for our date in the park. How about a mufin tin! Loop some ribbons through the holes on either end of the tin, and then fill with veggies. I used grape tomatos, cauliflower, baby carrots, and crinkle cut cucumbers.

If you ever see a crinkle cutter on sale or in a thrift store - get it! It's one of those items that is not an absolute necessity, but it is a ton of fun, takes no more time than cutting veggies with a knife, and really makes a veggie presentation look fancy. After all, we are fancy people, don't 'cha know.

The veggies I will take with me to the park and place in the individual cups once there. The rest goes in my hubby's lunch tote. With a few minutes of my time, our luch date later this week will be a fun memory. One full of love notes written on food containers. I mean really, if that doesn't spell "LOVE" for a man, I don't know what does!

Note: Since the actual date isn't till next week when we're over our nasty colds, I ate most the muffin tin of veggies. With dip. While I wrote this post. Just tring to be honest.

Now it's time to think of ways to change it up for someone else! How about making up silly rhymes to place on the canned food that describes what's inside? Use the Chalk Ink to wrtie "Welcome Home," "Feel Better," "You're Special" anything for the occasion. Make a whole bunch of cookie sacks, walk around the block with the kiddos and give them away to the neighbors.

What are other ideas to "gussy up" a meal delivery that you could share in the comments below? I'd love to hear them!

Giveaway Items!

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See you all tomorrow - have a marvelous day!

All photos taken by your truly.
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