Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Sign Craze

I fall in love way to easily when it comes to certain things.

~ Anything farm fresh/country.

~ A pudgy bird. Or any little animal for that matter.
~ Bags. Any kind. My family used to call me the "Bag Queen" when I was a kid. Better than Bag Lady, I guess!
~ Dishes. all colors, all shapes.
~ Warm Apple Pie candle. One word - LOVE.
~ Signs. Anything that expresses a senitment that I find amusing or inspiring. (ok, so really this list is a gazillion time longer, but I must stop there or else you'll never come back and read again.)

This was a wedding gift.
It has hung over my stove for 6 years now and it still makes me giggle every time I see it!

When the Sign Craze hit the stores, farmers markets, craft shows, and bloggy land I knew that I was instantly in love. It is such a unique way to share a few words that have touched your heart or brought a smile to your lips. And I knew right away that I wanted to plaster my walls with these cute signs. Maybe even refinish the floor with them. Perhaps replace the siding on the house. You get the idea right? A mild, yet healthy obsession.

99 cents at a thrift store - yippie!

And once I discovered vinyl lettering and Chalk Ink markers, let's just say I nearly fainted with excitment. My home is now sprinkled with sayings in almost every room.

There's the "just for fun" signs like:
~ My oh my, pumpkin pie
~ Soap 5 cents
~ Laundry Time
~ Farm Fresh Eggs
~ A family is a little world created by love

Birthday gift from a great friend and her super sweet daughter.

And then there are the signs that are little encouragements and everyday reminders of God's presence in our home and our lives:

~ As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
~ Be still and Know that I am God.
~ Believe. Faith. Hope.
~ Home. Family. Love.
~ God bless our nest.
~ Christ is the center of our home. A guest at every meal, a silent listener to every conversation.

This was the first sign I made with vinyl letters several years ago. (sorry no durring the process photos.) The redish background is actually scrapbooking paper with sheet music for Amazing Grace that I just mod podged onto a wooden plank from Ben Franklin. Then once dry, I placed a top layer of mod podge on for some shine.

It took me forever to get up the courage to put on the lettering. I so did not want to mess it up! But once the mod podge from the paper was dry, I took the nervous plunge and got the letters on there pretty straight. And I love the result. Several times, it was the first step in a conversation that led us to being able to share our faith with someone. Sometimes, it was just the small encouragement that someone needed that day.

Christ is the center. No matter where you are.
He will never leave you, nor forsake you.
Great reminder on a tough day!

Now I need to get some of that awesome distressing ink that all you bloggy gals seem to have and actually finish the edges. Can you believe it - I have always wanted to distress the edges but never had the courage in case I messed it up. Well, this is my pledge to you: the next 40% off coupon for the craft store will be put towards distressing ink. Keep me accountable now! After two years, I think I should finish the project the way it was intended to be.

So here's my question for you: What projects have you been putting off for fear of messing them up? Is it time to get to work, finish it up and love it no matter what the results are? Oh, and have you ever used distressing ink? What color do I get? Help!

All photos taken by your truly.
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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last sign! I didn't notice the background paper until the close up. That is really awesome! It's amazing how easy it really is to make this kind of thing when it is so expensive in stores! Great job!

  2. I love having sayings on the walls, too! It's nice to have reminders of one's beliefs.

    I would use a black or a charcoal grey distress ink for the last one. I think it also looks really good already!

  3. I too love signs... and sayings! But, I don't have a single one in my house. hmmm I need to change that!
    projects... I jump in, but then there is a point where I get scared that I'm going to mess it up (after a lot of hard work) But I usually just keep on keepin on, and fix anything that I've messed up. The things I do are not perfect, because I am not perfect. But I'm not that particular either.
    distressing ink... sorry can't help you with that.
    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  4. Recovering my wing back chairs. I have recovered furniture but this seems to scare me more then most, therefore...I have not even started. Sad part is I do have 16yds of material waiting for me when I am ready!! The signs are beautiful. Great job! I understand your ecovering my wing back chairs. I have recovered furniture but this seems to scare me more then most, therefore...I have not even started. Sad part is I do have 16yds of material waiting for me when I am ready!! The signs are beautiful. Great job! I understand your intemidation because you want things to be perfect!! I am not sure what color you need to buy in the distressed ink. I have never used it!

  5. What beautiful signs! I have yet to make some myself but I have a ton from Home Goods. Thanks for sharing the how to - I just might have to try one or two myself!

  6. I was afraid to do vinyl lettering for a couple of years, but now that I've started I can't stop. I have to tell you that I just love the name of your blog. Makes me smile. :)

  7. I love your signs. I've never made one for my house. Hmm, maybe that should change. I do have a did you glue the paper down on the one sign without getting bubbles. Everytime I try to glue paper flat, it bubbles up. Can't do it. lol

    Thank you for visiting junkblossoms. Hope you come back soon. Pat.

  8. Signs are so fun!!! Those look great :)