Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brunch for Dinner

I'm back to Bloggy land.
Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentines day!

I had mentioned last friday in this post that I was going to post more valentine photos and a recipe. Well my plans were sidetracked when I got my valentine gift from my precious hubby early. Wanna know what it was? Take a look at the address bar at the top of the page.

See what it says?
no more blogspot.com.
He bought me my own domain name for this blog!
Our table for two in the Coca-Cola room.

What an awesome man. It was his super sweet way of showing his support of this blog and my passion for encouraging women in their roles as wives, moms, (and grandmas, aunties, etc.etc.), housewives, and homemakers. He knows that with this blog I want to do my part to encourage and help restore hospitalty, help find joy (and organization) in the midst of cluttered chaos, and bring back family values to all our blessed homes.

"too Blessed to Stress" is a place for all of us to come together and make it through a day of stress, chaos, the ho-hums and the mundane by realizing that life is truly too blessed to to focus on the small hangups of the day. Thank you so much for joining me here every day as we share ideas and inspire one another to create blessed homes!

Since the new domain name, "too Blessed to Stress" has gone through a bit of a remake (to be revealved later this week!) hence the delay of my valentines post. Even though it is two days late, I still want to share some fun details from our fantastic Valentines day.

The original plan was to wake up early, go to the Goodwill Outlet ('cause nothing says love like discount prices! ha!) and then come home for brunch. But we stopped for mochas on the way and by the time brunch hour rolled around we were too full. So we decided to save brunch for dinner time.

Our menu included mushroom egg bake, crispy bacon, "I love you" toast, potatos and onions, and coco fruit cup. So yummy!

To add a special Valentines touch to our Brunch for Dinner, strawberries, kiwi, and bananas were cut into hearts with a mini scalloped cookie cutter.

I cut the Kiwi into thicker slices than usual before using the cookie cutter, and cut a whole strawberry into a heart then sliced it in half.

The bananas were sliced the long way and then I used the cookie cutter at an angle to get a full heart shape.

Check out this toast. See the message? This was made with a special "toast cutter" I gave my hubby as a goofy gift for christmas. I really didn't think it would work, but as you can see it left a clear message after being pressed with the mold and then toasted.

Of course the egg bake was cut into large hearts when served (sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the hearts).

Milk, dark and peanut butter chocolates were on the table for a quick dessert.

This year I decided to make my gift for hubby and was totally inspired by Katie and all the other fantastic gals I featured in this post. So I decided to fill 5 Coca-Cola bottles with assorted candies and also include a bottle of Valentina hot sauce all decorated with messages that had something to do with the conents of the bottle.

Since there were 6 bottles, I covered the top of the lids with scrapbook paper punched out in a heart and spelled out "I love U" with stickers.

The labels are made out of scrapbooking paper and messages that I printed on plain printer paper and then hand cut all wavy like.

The tags were punched out and decorated with more scrapbooking paper and another printed message that said what the contents were. Then I tied them on with ribbon.

I asked hubby if it was too "frilly" of a gift with the ribbon and he said no. He thought it was a super sweet and thoughtful gift. Whew! So glad he liked it... and later that night he had snacks while we watched a movie. Totally worked out great!

Have you posted about your Valentines celebration? If so, please tell me about it in the comments below! I would love to stop by and see your post.

Come on back tomorrow when I share the promised recipe from Friday: a super simple (but incredibly tasty) Death by Chocolate dessert.

All photos taken by yours truly and Mr. yours truly(my hubby).
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  1. Wow, this kind of creativity is almost intimidating to me! You have some of the neatest ideas I've ever seen! I especially love the fruits hearts! Brilliant!

    I am mildly amused by a Goodwill Outlet. Are their prices even cheaper than usual or something? I can't imagine! They'd have to be giving the stuff away! We have some pretty great ones here. I just wrote about some great stuff we scored over the weekend. We <3 Goodwill! In fact, I came to work dressed in a Goodwill outfit yesterday (mixed with 1 clearance ruffle tank from Wal-Mart) for $15. New Ann Taylor Loft slacks with a denim look and a brand new cardigan sweater from Target. I was stylin'! :)

  2. Those are so cute--what a great idea. I love that.

    Yes I did paint the rooster-I hope it doesn't look like I painted it-it started off solid cream.

    I don't know if you came to my old blog or my new website, my blog just moved this weekend and I am still working on getting everything done on it before I shut down the old site.

    I signed up to follow you and would love to have you come to my new site and follow me as well at-- itssoverycheri (dot) c o m


  3. What a sweetie of a hubster! Love all the fun little touches you did for Valentines day!

  4. What a sweet party!!! I love the little heart shaped fruits. :) Thanks so much for the visit today!

  5. Love the tag maker! I love to make tags...what a wonderful party...I bet hubby loved it!

  6. You have a Coke room? That's awesome. My husband is obsessed with Coke and we are finally starting a Coke kitchen in our home. I love the Coke bottle gift...I'm going to have to remember that one!