Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer to Fall and DAY 1 OF GIVEAWAY

Fall is truly my favorite season. And although I miss the long summer days, picnics and garage sales.... once the air becomes crisp and leaves start to turn I get all giddy inside.

And while I love decorating for the seasons, for some strange reason I usually wait till last minute to get out my fall decor... Like beginning of November. What's my deal?!? At that point it's almost not even worth it. So this year I resolved to get out my fall pretties as soon as it felt like fall.

Once I opened the 2 bins of fall decor, I realized that there was one problem - although I was ready for the warm cozy feeling of fall I was not ready to have turkeys and pilgrims everywhere. It wasn't that fall yet. That meant that I need to mix the summer items with fall to create what I now call "The Summer Easing Into Fall But Not Quite Turkey Day Look." Catchy, huh? I'm thinking of marketing the name to Pottery Barn :)

If you have been wanting a touch of fall in your home, but like me you're not ready for all out Turkey Day here are some simple tips for cozy-ing up your home:

Remove all Spring/Summer accessories. Anything that is bright... or that you are just plain ready to change out till next year.

Keep out the neutrals - white, creams, browns, blacks.

Keep out meaningful pieces - your grandfather's Bible, a family photo, a saying that is meaningful, your grandmothers tea set, etc. As we approach the winter months there will be more and more family coming to our homes for the holidays. How wonderful to have a piece of meaningful history surrounding you as you pass on family stories to the next generation.

Shop the house for other items that aren't necessarily "fall" but that will tie in seamlessly: typeset letters, dishes, baskets, candles, etc.

Take a cue from nature and gather some twigs, leaves, pine cones, acorns, etc. Things that are already in your back yard and best of all they are free!

Gather up any accessories that make you feel all warm and cozy. To some that means dark colors like garnet, golden wheat, chocolate, pumpkin spice and cinnamon. To others is may be gray, charcoal, whites, and blacks. What ever floats your boat. If it makes you feel like fall has arrives, use it.

Personally I fall in the garnet, pumpkin spice color group. So out come the leaves, mums, and sugared fruit.

Cozy-ing up your house does not mean a whole revamp and dozens of tubs for one season stored away in the garage. It is just a few simple touches. Ok ready to see how easy this is?

This table is the first thing you see when you walk in the house.

Before - simple, uncluttered for summer.

Remove the summery fluff and items you you are ready to rotate.

Get ready to add and layer. After shopping the house all I added in was the white N.

From the seasonal group, all I used was this basket of faux sugared fruit and a mum/leaf garland. That's it! And inexpensive: the fruit was collected over the years from the Boutique {Goodwill} and much of it was brand new. The garland was a gift from my Mom... but I know she got it at a 75% off sale years ago.

First I added in the mum garland with the existing ivy leaf garland. The green added some poof and filled in the gaps of the Autumn strand.

Then it was time to start layering the fruit. Start with larger ones in the back and size down towards the front. Find color combos that look pleasing to the eye.

For the square dish I kept the lantern, jute ball and ribbon ball {which, by the way, were made with a wiffle ball like this one here}. They added texture and filled in the bowl. The smaller sugared fruit just filled in the gaps.

Once again Before:

Ta-da! Instant fall!

And I love that this is the first thing that I see when I walk in - it just makes me smile!

So today I am wanting to know, have you started to decorate for fall? Is this your first year tackling fall decor or is it a tradition? Are you trying out any new fall decor ideas this year?  

Tell me in the comments below what your plans are and your name will be entered in the first day of the GIVEAWAY! That's right all you have to do is comment on your fall decor and you have one entry.

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Just like last time this will be a 7 day giveaway. Every day there will be a new way to enter and one more item will be added to the giveaway. In the end one lucky winner will get all the loot! So check back often for new ways to get your name in.

Today's prize:

Your very own Flower Poof, made by yours truly! See more about them here.

Choose one of these three colors pictured above.

Whew! That was a lot of info all in one post... thanks for joining in on the fun of the GIVEAWAY. I'm excited to read your fall ideas.

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. Your decor looks beautiful. I like how you changed things up behind the couch, it relly does make a difference. I too am getting things ready for fall, but not ready for the turkeys yet either!

  2. I'm with you - I don't mind the natural looking fall decor, but it's way too early for turkeys and pilgrims! Your table looks really cute!

  3. I have all black furniture and the oranges, golds and yellows make my living room come alive! I just made my first pot of spiced cider with apple juice, cin. sticks and all spice. Just the beautiful colors and the smell of apple and spice make my heart begin thanking God for all His goodness to me and my family. I love going to my daughter's warm, welcoming home. Mom

  4. I hope this is twritter. I love your entry decorations- so cheary! If this isn't twitter, could you give me a point for trying! mom

  5. I decorated for fall about 2 weeks ago! My daughter came home from college last weekend and thought I was crazy. LOL It was such a hot summer I am eager for fall to get here. Your decorations look cute!

  6. We have had the fall decor bins (3 f them!) out for 2 days, but haven't had a chance to decorate, yet. We do have fall-scented air freshener as well as fall candy lingering around, though! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  7. Haven't yet started to decorate for Fall! I'm having a hard time deciding what to do. I think I'll start with changing the throw pillows at least!

  8. Following you on Twitter (@sazzyfrazzy)!