Thursday, September 2, 2010

Laundry Room Projects

Last day before the reveal of the laundry room. Yes, I am squealing with delight. Tonight the whole this gets put together and I am so excited to show you. Before the reveal, I wanted to show you a couple more simple projects made for that space. As all the other projects in the laundry room they were simple, easy on the pocketbook, and took no time at all to make.

This cute little lamp was a Fancy Store purchase - base, shade and all. Can you believe it? And there was not a single scratch on it. Yes, I happy danced right there in the store :)

When I spotted it, I just knew that it would be perfect in the laundry room. It serves as little ambiance in that passing spot between the garage and main house... not to mention that it reminds me to put the clothes in the dryer when I turn it off at night.

As much as I like feathered/fur trim, this one was looking a bit sad. There were fluffies missing and it was just too dark for the space.

That's when I remembered this delicious pink fabric from my stash. And wouldn't you know, there was just enough to recover the lamp shade!

After removing the fluffies, I traced the shade by rolling it across the fabric while marking it lightly with a pencil. Also, I made sure to leave at least a 1/2 inch allowance on the top and about 1 inch on the bottom. That way the "seams" would be nice and clean.

Once cut, I hot glued the fabric along the top leaving a 1/2 inch of excess fabric.

Why do I always have paint on my hands?
Note to self: wash hands before taking pictures :)

That then I carefully wrapped the excess over and glued it down on the inside, making sure to glue only on the white, thicker portion - not the black shade itself.

Then I met the seams on the side {up and down} and folded over the side that would be visible.

That way it made a clean seam. A dab of glue sealed it to the opposing fabric. Again, I avoided gluing directly to the shade.

With the excess fabric on the bottom, I folded it over once till it met the base of the shade...

... and then folded it over again to create a clean seam and glued it down.

So simple, but what a change!
Now I need to decide if I should keep the base black or go with a chocolate brown. Thoughts?

On to craft number 2.

I really wanted to use this tissue paper to make a small decor ball for the laundry room shelf. But I knew that it needed to be smaller since the tissue paper I had in this color was limited. After searching the house I came up with this:

Now you have proof that I will make a decor ball out of anything! haha!!! These are just perfect for mini decor balls.

After cutting the paper into 3/4 inch strips, I placed a line of hot glue down one side...

... and then quickly rolled it up to make a little flower puff.

Then a dab of hot glue attached it to the ball.

Several more, and voila! Instant pretty.

Who would have ever thought that this was originally a fast food prize? Love it!

What items have you repurposed for the sake of home decor?

All photos taken by yours truly and Mr. too Blessed to Stress.


  1. I say Brown for the lampshade! Can't wait to see the reveal!

  2. The lampshade is adorable and I love the decor ball too. Thanks for stopping over and commenting on my deck. I'm not sure what brand they are, I'll check in the am. We got them with the house a few years ago.

  3. Love your update on the lamp, the fabric is really cute...and it looks familiar to me;) I'd say the base would look good either way, whatever would compliment your overall look best is what I'd go with.

    Super impressed that you used those JIB balls for your decor ball base, now that is repurposing at it's finest!

  4. What the talently creative! These are awesome!!!