Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Still Here

Hey there! just a quick note to let you know I am still here... but my role for today has changed from blogger to nurse. Hubby is pretty sick at the moment, so I'm staying home today to make sure we don't need to take him to the Dr later on. So do not fear! Many wonderful post are on their way... but hubby comes first :)

Have a great day and keep those wonderful posts coming on your blog... Although I can't take time to write mine out today, I still have time to sneak in and read yours:)


  1. Sorry hubby is under the weather, hope he's up and at 'em soon!

  2. Hopefully all is getting better....it amazes me the many hats we women tend to wear...from nurse, to chaperone, to teacher, to confident, to friend and to chauffer (just drove the grandkids to baseball and when we got there found they cancelled the game - in this age of cell phones didnt anyone think to call?)Anyway, instead of stressing we took the kids out for dinner and donuts...what could be better?

  3. Oh, Emily-Friend! I am so sorry that your dh is sick. Boo hoo! :-( I would send some homemade chicken soup, but the mail carriers protest at soggy envelopes. (Tee Hee!) Seriously, I hope he's feeling better ooper-soon, and you're such a good wiffy to stay home and take care of him. Now don't you go and sick!!
    *smiles and get-well wishes*

  4. I'm sorry to hear your hubby is sick! Taevyn was sick last Friday and then Jeff got sick Sunday. Something's goin' around. Hoping he gets better soon!