Friday, April 9, 2010

Odds and Ends

So even though I am waiting till Monday to reveal the results of my cryptic message from yesterday, I though you might like a little preview of all the feathering that has been going on here at the "too Blessed to Stress" nest.

~ This $5.99 purchase {that just about killed my back} got a little makeover and is now full of all sorts of lovely treasures.

~ The Office makeover is done!!! Woo hoo!!!!! Major happy dance over here! {Miss. Kitschalicious, care to join me? :) haha!} The big reveal will be next week.

~ My laundry room is being redecorated as well. Although I'm not sure it will be ready for a full reveal this next week, I will share a few projects hubby and I made. Stay tuned!

Edited to add: hubby pointed out that some people might think that this is him, but this is actually our good friend who will be sharing his cooking tips and yummy recipes next week.  

~ There is a wonderful guest post coming up from a dear friend of mine who is an awesome cook... and it will include recipes! And chocolate...mmmm!

~ There will be another 7 day giveaway in April here at "too Blessed to Stress" so get ready to join in on the fun!!!

~ Oh and guess what? I received a wonderful gift from sweet Debbi from Diamond Grove. It's beautiful and everywhere I go people can't believe she made it from.... paper! Curious? You'll love it too!

Since I have so many wonderful ideas rolling around this little brain of mine, {and no jokes about my brain being all empty... even if it is!} I will not be posting this Saturday or Sunday. But as I told a dear friend, on Monday I'll be back with posting furry!

Hope you'll be inspired with the upcoming flood of crafting posts, memory making ideas, be challenged to live for today, and as always enjoy all sorts of ideas for making our house into a home.

So have a wonderful weekend, make some fun memories with your loved ones, and take a moment or two to craft... I can't wait to see what you were up to over the weekend!

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. ooh! Sounds like you've got some exciting thingz up your sleeve! Can't wait! You have a great weekend too :)

  2. Can't wait til Monday, Emily-Friend!! :-D Have an awesome weekend!
    *hugs & smiles*

  3. You are one busy girl. Looking forward to the office photos.