Thursday, April 22, 2010


Happy Earth Day everyone!

How does one celebrate earth day, by the way? Since I don't think there are egg hunts, presents under the tree and turkey dinners to mark this celebration I do believe that shall make up my own traditions!

After reading the "How to celebrate earth day section" here, I think the only thing I can do is recycle {I'd show you my uber-fancy system.... a paper bag, but I wouldn't want you to be jealous}. There's planting a tree {but it's raining out, and there is no room for a tree in the garden} riding my bike { does a stationary bike count?} crafting with your kids {don't know that my canine child would by up for that} and wearing green or brown {now that I can do!}

No photoshop - all colors of nature!

So I am making up my own earth day celebration... by planting seeds for my tomato plants, in recycled egg cartons. Enviromentaly conscious, since I'm reusing the cartons and I am planting a future small tree.. ok, so it's really a tomato bush/plant. But for today , I'll pretend I'm planting tomato trees.

From the garden last year.

As I shared in this post, hubby and I have great plans for our back yard this year. It is time to make it more enjoyable and pleasing to the eye. And part of that will include improving the landscape, so that it is easier to maintain and has room for a few small veggie plants.

These were so sweet... even the pup ate a few!

It may not be much, but a small step here and there to improve the outdoors, "live off the land" with our tomatoes, and recycle in our home is a start.

So I am wondering, are you celebrating earth day today?

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. Um...not really. I guess that makes me a bad person. I am just trying to get my house ready for the inlaws rather then celebrating earth day...There is always next year. Right?

  2. small steps make a difference! cheesy, but true. i carpooled to a work meeting, and kept the lights off at home during the day. thank goodness for a sunny day!

  3. We don't celebrate Earth Day, per se, but we do try to be "earth conscious" all year. My oldest dd is really good about this, and is always reminding me to recycle, return plastic grocery bags to the store, etc. And, we plant a large garden every year (or, dh does--I kill plants, lol).
    BTW, if your tomatoes don't grow, you can have some of ours--dh planted 38 tomato plants! (We make our own sauce) :-)
    *hugs and smiles*