Friday, April 2, 2010

Living for TODAY

Yesterday was a cool, slightly breezy day. And my mother reminded me to "make sure and take photos of your flowers before the rain and wind ruin them." So I diligently went out to snap a few pics before running some erands in the morning.

And I couldn't be more happy that I took the time to document the gorgeous colors of spring - because today's wind storm and heavy rain is threatening to do away with all my blossoming beauties!

But it was a good reminder to make sure and do today what can so easly be pushed aside till tomorrow. Often times life's real priorities can get put off till a more "convenient" time, set aside out of boredom or forgotten about completely.

All to often I wait to say the things I need to say today:
~ I love you.
~ You are precious.
~ I'm sorry.
~ I need you.
~ You are a blessing.
~ I forgive you.
~ I am here for you.

There are times when I need to remember that:
~ God and His purpose for my life are my priority.
~ I must enjoy my family today - they will only be with me for so long. And time flies faster than I realize.
~ There will be people that cross my path today that I am called to bless. Will I answer that call?
~ My needs are importantas well. How can I be an efficient wife if I keep putting off my needs till tomorrow? If I need a rest, take it. If I need to recapture my joy, take a moment and find it. If I have lost focus, it is time to fix my eyes on things eternal.

There will only be so many chances I get in this life to impact someone's life by:
~ Opening the doors of my imperfect, constanly changing home. Will they really care that my paint job in the living room is not the best and that there are muddy paws on the slidding door? I doubt it! They will be more likely to remember love, kindness and a gracious spirit - so the question is, am I willing to show those qualities?

There will only be so many chances I get in this life to impact someone's life by:
~ Sharing the source of my constant joy - Jesus and his redeeming love. Will I heed the gentle nudge to move outside of my comfort zone to express Christ's love to a broken heart?

There will only be so many chances I get in this life to impact someone's life by:
~ Being the shoulder they need to cry on. Being a source of laughter when they need to rejoice. And by walking hand in hand with them through the valley on the way to the mountain top.

There will only be so many chances I get in this life to impact someone's life by:
~ Using my talents and abilities, simple as they may be, to express love and compassion to someone who is in pain, sorrow or feeling lonely.

And so today, I resolve to "Live for Today" - and I'm not talking about resolving to do all the things on my own agenda that I've always wanted to do.... like drive an 18 wheeler, eat the whole bowl of cookie dough and not make a single cookie, and take off for a last minute vacation around the world.

What I'm resolving to do by "Living for Today" is to no longer put off those things I've mentioned above...

To say the words I put off till later,
to remember the meaningful things in life,
and to impact someone's life....
not wait till later...
not wait for a more convenient time...
not wait till tomorrow...


Will you join me? Will you jump on board for this challenge to live with meaning and purpose... and to be grateful for this life, imperfect as it is, because it is a gift. Let's not waste it :)

And to get us jump started , here is my DI4Y gift - just for YOU!
Feel free to right click on the image above and save it, print it, use it as a desktop, what ever you want! Keep it somewhere that will serve as a reminder to not put off till tomorrow what we are called to do today. I hope you enjoy this little gift made by me for you!


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Ready? Change starts with a single step! So reach out somewhere, somehow, to someone.... and then head over to A Lovely Place to Land, be inspired, and join in on the linky party. It will bless your socks off! :)

P.S. If the printable image is all wonky,let me know and I'll upload a clearer image :)

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. A great post for us to remember Christ not at just Easter or Christmas but all year long. By striving to living a Christlike life everyday we touch and bless others around us. Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a great Easter weekend.

  2. How can I be an efficient wife if I keep putting off my needs till tomorrow? If I need a rest, take it. If I need to recapture my joy, take a moment and find it. If I have lost focus, it is time to fix my eyes on things eternal.

    this has been speaking to my heart for the past few days..and here I come and read this...

    What a beautiful post. This has encouraged me so much this wee morning hours I'm up...Blessings to you and yours this Easter, this Holy weekend...sigh..I love ya girl. Your such a blessing.

  3. Thank you for the reminder to appreciate and live in the moment.

    This is the message that have right under my blog header: "Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life. Of course we all know that...but do we really appreciate it? Every day we are given the chance to make a difference to others, and don't forget... you!"

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  4. Okay, Emily, have you been reading my mind??? I could have written this post (but not so beautifully)!!
    Awesome. Just what I needed. I grabbed your button to keep reminding me!
    Got your goodies on Saturday. LOVE! Thanks so much!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Day.
    *hugs and smiles*

  5. that was a very inspiring post. thanks for blessing my day. my goal is to say some of those blessing statements to people i care about today.

  6. Me again! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Hope it's extra-special. :-D
    Thanks for the great note on my blog. You made my day!
    *hugs and smiles*

  7. You are so right, why do we put off till later the things that are the most important!.