Friday, October 4, 2013

Faux Food - Day 4

If you've followed Too Blessed To Stress for some time, you might remember that this home has a love/hate frustration relationship with fake food. I love the looks of it. It frustrates hubby because he gets all excited for it before he realizes it is for decor only.

Nevertheless I just had to make these faux caramel apple goodies when I saw the idea pop up on Sugar Pie Farmhouse. 

Aunt Ruthie had the greatest idea for making caramel apples... with Mod Podge!{You can see them here} She has a fantastic tutorial with picture instructions, so I won't go into too much detail about that. Head on over to the farmhouse for those instructions. 

I will, however, tell you what I did different. 
The color she mentions was no where to be found at the stores where I live. So I thought I would be all fancy and mix my own. I bought one tube each of dark espresso and a lighter khaki color. I thought that would make caramel. Nope! It looked more like a white chocolate mocha.

So I ran to the store for a brick red and a canary yellow. A little bit of red and a lot of yellow made the most delectable caramel color. So keep that in mind if you can't find "caramel in a bottle" :)

I chose to leave off the nuts, because neither hubby nor I like apples with nuts. Also, I love the look of a real caramel apple when the ooey gooey  goodness pools at the bottom. That's the best bite of all! So I poured a little ring of tinted mod podge and placed my dipped apple on it. Should you choose to do this be forewarned: It took days to dry completely. And when it did, it tore the wax paper up with it. But it was a clean tear and you would never know there is wax paper stuck to the bottom.

Best low cal, sugar free caramel apple I've ever seen :)

So how about it? Will you be making/buying some fake treats for your home? If you do you'll be adding something cute to your fall decor, it will psyche out your family who think the food is real, and it will make your guests think you slaved all day over tasty treats.

Win, win, win.

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. great fall! thanks for the stopping by my blog and the night owl support group! love it! xo *laura* {}

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! What a fun idea. I love all things crafty and Fall is such a fun time for creating, isn't it? So cute!