Thursday, July 29, 2010

Borrowing, Bloggin, and Baby Showers


I have graciously been loaned a computer by my wonderful parents so I am BACK IN THE BLOGGIN GAME!

Can I even tell you how much I have missed blogging? I equally missed reading all your fantastic blogs. It has been over a month of squeezing a peek in here and there whenever I can swipe hubby's laptop in the evenings.

But today, I'm back! 

And since I am at home all day waiting for the AC fix-it man to come {for the 3rd time, but that is another story... } I can catch up on writing posts and and reading your posts as well. Oh the joy!

Thank you all so much for not abandoning me in my absence and for all the wonderful emails and comments that awaited me upon my return. Y'all just bless my socks off!!!!

There were several emails wanting to know what parties and events I had recently hosted, decorated for, etc. So what better way to kick off my return than a post with some fun, easy ideas for a party.

This last Tuesday, my mother and I hosted a baby shower for a new gal in our church. She just had a sweet baby boy named Joseph {LOVE that name!} and we wanted to make both her and her family feel welcome. My mother got together with several gals from our scrapbooking group and they put together the sweetest invitations using all sorts of punches, stickers and colorful paper. Then a pre-printed tag was pasted on the other side with scrapbooking stickies. So simple!

They were darling and so personalized - no two were alike. Each one had a different flare and it was so neat to see everyones creative juices flow. While the ladies crafted the cards, their hubbies played pool with my dad and it became an evening extravaganza of fun. What a great idea, huh? My momma really is the coolest :)

For the party, we asked everyone to bring a dish to share and there were some delicious eats spread out on the buffet table.

My contribution was mini lemon cupcakes swirled in homemade cream cheese frosting. So good! A few drops of food coloring made the frosting a sweet shade of blue that matched the decorations .

Yes, I know they look green in this photo, but they really were blue.

For an extra touch, I made little picks for each cupcake using these amazing flat toothpicks from the Dollar Tree. It was so simple! I took three  different punches and made 36 shapes out of blue polka dot paper and solid white - 12 of each style.... ok fine, 35... I ate one cupcake while working... shhh.. don't tell!

I drew a little heart for the squiggly diamonds, and a letter "J" for the circles. Then for the assembly line! After laying all the paper shapes face down in a row, I put a dab of hot glue on the back of each toothpick and then pressed it onto the back of the shapes. Although I worked one toothpick at a time, because I had set all the shapes out I got a rhythm going and it took literally minutes to complete.

Easy Peasy! And oh so cute.

I am the one on the left.. carrying my baby REALLY high! haha!

Oh and just for fun, here is a photo of a game we played. You blow up a balloon and place it under your T-shirt to make a pregnant belly. Then on the count of three, you must perform a series of tasks such as tying your shoes, touching your toes and adjusting your socks behind your back. May I just say we laughed till our sides hurt. There were several families that had three generations present, and to see them all with baby-bellies was a hoot! Great times indeed!

What wonderful ideas have you used at a party this summer? Have you blogged about it? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to read all about it.

All photos taken by yours truly.

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  1. I'm so glad you're back! I'm happy dancing for that!

    It looks like you had so much fun doing this baby shower! Love the cake toppers!

    Missed ya!