Monday, January 23, 2012

Paper Hearts

There is something so sweet about a garland of something. Anything cute seems to look cuter when there are a bunch of them in a row draping over your mantle.

Since I really don't need a single thing to decorate for valentines day but my little heart really wanted to add something, I issued myself this challenge: anything new is fine as long as it does not cost a cent.

So I started off with my old stand by, copied sheet music. It all belonged to my Grandma and I love to copy it and use it when crafting. Not only does it satisfy my love of vintage sheet music it also holds a special memory of her, seeing as much of it has her handwriting in the margins. The end result was this cute paper heart garland.

Sweet, simple, rustic elegance.
Just what I needed.

Here's how to make it:

Start with three sheets of vintage sheet music or copies of a piece that you already own. I started off with three copies of a song titled "The Wedding Prayer." My Grandma played it at our wedding 8 years ago, and the title seemed fitting for Valentines day.

After folding in half and then in half again, you will be left with this chunky accordion fold.

{Ok so this was the best picture I could get one handed.
Sorry for the flash washout
and the temporary blindness it may have caused.}

While still folded, free hand four hearts out of each folded piece of paper. That will make two identical hearts per cut.

 Keep each two together since you will be gluing them back to back later on.  

If you like, distress the edges with your favorite distress medium. I chose Rusty Hinge distress ink. {one of 5 different colors my mom gave me for Christmas. Let's just say my little DIY heart skipped a beat when I opened that box!}

Some people use a sponge to get the ink off but I just rub it right on the corners of the paper straight from the ink pad.

Easy Peasy.

Don't forget to open the heart up and distress the other side.

Next, take your glue gun and run a very thin bead of glue along the edge of a folded heart. {note: you could probably use a glue stick or other crafting glue as well if you don't want to work with hot glue in such a small quantity.}

Quickly match up the corresponding heart and press together.

Before the glue completely dries open it up and press your four fingers around the inside to form a sort of 3-d heart.

So pretty!

Once your hearts are all glued together, hold the heart open from below like so.

Take a piece of jute twine {or ribbon, string, etc.} and place a small dab of glue in the top of your opened heart and nestle the twine in that crevice.

It helped to tie the twine to the end of my tray to anchor it down while I glued the hearts.

Keep gluing till you run out of hearts.

Use as a garland or drape over twigs for a romantic-rustic effect. These little ones have lights, but any twigs from your yard would work just fine.

Stand back and admire.

They kind of remind me of Orange Lantern tree blossoms.

Have you started your Valentine decorating yet?

All photos taken by yours truly.

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  3. I love this idea! You are so creative, Emily. And I love that you used your Gramma's music!