Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 Minute Valentine

Sometimes it's the simple things that make the holiday decor just right. This is one of those projects. 

I originally saw this great idea in Country Living's December Issue, which featured this lovely couples farmhouse. Lovely inspiration photos on their site and they have the cutest twins!

So the idea was to take a dry erase marker and fancy up the photos on your wall for a party. That got my wheels turning... why not have a frame that you could change out photos and draw on throughout the seasons?

Dry Erase markers that have an eraser built into the cap.

I did have to make one purchase for this {which was against my "rules" set here. But here's what I have to say about that... rules-schmules! They were made to be broken right? And $1 for markers that you "need" isn't that bad... right?}

Ok so here is all that you need for this super fun, really easy valentine craft that will be usable throughout the year:
~ Frame with glass cover. Any size you want any color... just needs glass.
~ Photos Printed on regular copy paper-  No need to have fancy real photo paper that you pay an arm and a leg for to have someone blow up to size. Simply print it out on your color printer. Or use an existing photo. You can use one or more, all in a row or make a fun collage. Anything that floats your boat. 
~ Scrapbook Paper - for your background. Again: any color, size, pattern, etc. 
~ Painters Tape - {It has great release when you want to switch paper out} Or you can use any other taping/gluing medium. 
~ Dry Erase Markers


Now you are ready to assemble.

Tape your scrapbook paper down with the painters tape to the backing of your frame. Mine took three 12x12 papers and it filled the space perfectly. I chose blue and chocolate colored paper since it matched the space is was going into, but you could use any holiday colors and even embellish with some large cutouts {hearts, stars, etc.} if wanted.

Then tape your photos on top of your colored paper. I chose a funny one of use trying to catch snow on our tongue, a sweet-kiss, and a cute one of us just smiling. 

Insert into frame and use dry erase markers to decorate on top of the glass with Valentine messages and funny drawings. 

I chose to leave the white border the printer left 
so that I could draw a "frame" 
with words and doodles around the picture. 

Isn't this just a hoot? I love this idea and it may be a permanent staple in our home. It only took 10 minutes to create and I get such a kick out of it every time I walk by it.

This would be great for a  birthday or holiday party, family get together, or to play a joke on your dinner guests. How about framing a photo of only your dinner guests {not anyone in the family} and hanging it in a prominent place of your home. Once they notice it have everyone "decorate" themselves and leave it up for a few days just for laughs. When you are ready for a change, erase and swap out the photo. 

What new craft ideas are you trying the Valentines day?

All photos taken by yours truly.
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