Thursday, February 10, 2011

For The Love Of A Cookie

Sometimes you just have to let lose and be like a kid again. Dance in the rain, watch old cartoons in your jammies on Saturday morning, tell corny jokes and laugh at every one of them. Yep hubby and I still do these things every so often… ok fine the corny jokes are like a daily occurrence in this house. But hey that’s just what happens when you are so stinkin’ hilarious. {crickets chirping, awkward silence}

Anyhow, we try to be silly and goofy as often as possible ‘cause this life is too short to take it too seriously all the time. And that means fulfilling childhood dreams now as adults… like the dream my hubby had of making one giant cookie. Doesn’t sound too hard, right? Well here’s the catch: he wanted to make it our of layers of cookie dough so that it would be all big ‘n fat, chewy and crunchy all at the same time and most of all to see if he could use a whole batch of cookie dough on one continuous cookie without it breaking apart or going up into flames from overcooking the first layers.

So last week on a particularly long and rough work day I pulled out a $1.50 bag of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix and we set out to make a giant layered cookie.

And just too properly chronicle the fun, here’s a little video for you enjoy.

My challenge for you today: be a kid. Dance in the rain {or snow if that’s all you got!}, watch cartoons with the kiddos and make a giant cookie just for kicks… remember to be a good little girl and share the cookie with hubby and the kiddos!

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. Great stuff, Emily-Friend! I am so impressed that it worked. I mean, who wouldn't want a 1" thick chocolate chip cookie!!!

  2. I really really love the title of your blog!! Something we all need to remember and practice, I know I do WAAAY more often!!
    I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon your blog from House of Smiths and am excited to be following!! Thank you for your inspiring words!!

  3. Great choice of song! Hubby, what a ham....

    No...a one INCH cookie? Wow....

    Come on he ate some raw cookie dough, rigth? Cannot make cookies w/o some raw dough.

  4. That looks like a fun time:) Isn't it amazing how something so simple can be so memorable?

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