Monday, January 17, 2011

Thoughts On A Week Of Separation

One Week.
Seven Days.
One fourth of a month.
{ok maybe that last one was a bit dramatic}
But that's how long hubby and I have been apart...
And every second seemed like days on that plane ride home.

I have been at a conference in Georgia {shout out to all you lovely residents of the south} and the week spent there was wonderful. It was an inspiring and enjoyable time. I loved every moment of the training and ministering done.... but... it always feels so great to come home.
Kiss my hubby.
Snuggle with the pup.
Sleep with my own pillow.
Get back to my nest.
As I walked through the door, I took a deep breath expecting the house to be slightly on the cluttered side.... ok who am I kidding? I really expected it to be overwhelmed with speakers {hubby's hobby}, dirty dishes, clothes taking up permanent residence on the floor, and volcanic eruptions from hubby using the obliterater {that's what he calls the food processor, I love it!}

Disclaimer: Hubby is not an inconsiderate, overly messy person that would leave me a huge mess on purpose. He is just the kind of man who would get really excited about some home improvement project hours before picking me up and then not have time to clean it up. {which I secretly find adorable.}

Ok just had to make sure that was clear. 

Well much to my surprise the home was pretty much in tact, all speaker projects had been completed and neatly stacked in the front room, clothes were dutifully placed in the hamper, and.... get ready for this.... all the dishes were done and the sink was empty.
The two most glorious words to a housewife when speaking about a sink full of dishes.

He did it just for me, even though I had told him not to worry about any of that stuff while I was gone. What a fantastic guy! 
And while there were several explosions from the obliterater and the floor was so sticky my bare feet stuck to it I could have cared less. He took a moment out of his free time to bless me by cleaning up the mess in the sink. 
He took the time to make me feel

And that empty sink spoke volumes to my heart that night. It was something small to some, but to me it was selflessness personified in a lack of dishes.

Who would have thought that an empty kitchen sink could be such an expression of love.

What small gesture has someone done that blessed your heart lately? How have you blessed others with a simple act of kindness?

All photos taken by yours truly.


  1. Welcome back, Sweet Emily-Friend! And, AWWWW, what a great guy!!
    My dh has really blessed me this past week. I have been sick on the couch all week and he has been helping to keep the house in order. Since I know that he is UPER-busy and has more to do than he has hours in his day, this meant even more than usual!!
    *smiles and hugs*

  2. I was blessed to meet you and get to live with you during your week in Georgia, and now look forward to keeping in touch with you and others that were there with us! Your blog is sweet! Helen

  3. I'm so glad you're back! Okay, even though we live miles and miles apart, but it's nice to see you back in blogland! How blessed you are for your hubby to do dishes! I would L-O-V-E if mine did every once in awhile. But I don't complain, because he does help me with the kids! In fact, I'd probably would rather have him keep the kids entertained while I was doing dishes. Especially since I'm so picky about how things are done in there. Although, it is pretty ironic since I do not like being in the kitchen. I only cook because I have to! I'd rather be crafting! LOL!

    Have a wonderful day! :o)

  4. That is a sweet thing to do, I would have been bowled over too:)

    My hubby came home from work early, loaded up all three kids and took them to the park. I had almost two glorious hours alone in my own home! It was heaven.

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