Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Standing In The Gap

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Grief can feel loke a casm. An enless pit of darkness and threat of depression. A solitary place where all you have known and all you believe in are put into the harsh limelight of "why?"

Why us? Why now?

There were moments when I thought the grief could overtake me if I were not careful.

Those moments were scarry. They were lonely.

And while I never questioned my faith and His love for me, there were days when a part of me felt like it just could not go on.

My body was weak.
My heart faint.
It felt like there were no more tears to cry, and certainly no more energy to cry them... and yet they would return. Like a flood and overwhelm me again.

Yet these were the moments  - the ones that felt hopeless - when I realized that I was not alone. My husband and I were not grieving alone. We were not abandoned in our prayers for healing of my body and our hearts.

Because there were those who stood in the gap.

They were the friends and family who prayed when we were at a loss for words. The ones who praised God when our hearts wanted to, but our lips were still - frozen in grief. The ones who took the banner of faith and waived it strong when our we felt too tired to carry on.

Did we stop trusting God? Not for one minute. But we needed support, especially in the moments when both our bodies and our hearts felt too exhausted to go on.

How blessed we are to have such a support group. It made all the difference.

They stood in the gap for us when we needed it most.

Whose life could you impact with a prayer or word of encouragement?
Who could you stand in the gap for today?

Please note, this was written shortly after our loss. I am choosing to share this now as we approach the due date of what would have been our precious baby for two reasons: I want to remember. I want to remember how God brought us through and how faithful He still is. And secondly, because there are others who are hurting and need someone to reach out, support them... and stand in the gap for them. 

All photos taken by yours truly. 

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  1. Jesus doesn't take away the holes in our lives but he sure does fill them! Thank you for sharing....praying for you and a healthy delivery. Psalms 56:8 You have collected all my tears in your bottle.