Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Meal Fit For A Porker

Hello lovelies! wowie it feels so good to be back blogging!!! October was a whirlwind of work. It is truly the busiest month of the year for us. I was gone almost every weekend and it was a mad dash just to get dinner on the table some nights. Thankfully, it was all fun work and very rewarding... but whew! Am I tired!

Even with all the running around and moments of craziness hubby and I did reserve a few nights to hang out. On one of those evenings I decided to host a Pig Dinner For Two.

You see I had this idea for some piggie cupcakes and a themed dinner that I had been wanting to try out for a while... and since there were no kids visiting us in the near future, I decided that the two of us could use a night of laughs and acting like kiddos. So I just want ahead and made a whole pig themed dinner for hubby and me.... and our pup who eats like a pig. oink.

Just for fun I wrote out a dinner menu.

I made sure to include plenty piggie references all over the table.

There were even pigglets on the napkins!

This is so simple: Just print out an image to the desired size, cut out with decorative scissors, punch a hole in the top and use small ribbon to tie on to napkin. ta-da!

There was even a little porker waiting to surprise you when you took a drink of your lemonade.

I only have eyes for you!

These piggie pancakes were so simple to make. All you need is your favorite pancake batter recipe, some red food dye and a squeeze bottle. I used the candy melt squeeze bottles, but you could even use something like a clean left over ketchup bottle.

 Just pour some batter in to the bottle, add a few drops of dye and shake/squish it around till you have a dark pink dye. Then squirt out the head, snout, eyes and ears and let them cook for a bit. Fill in with plain batter. When it gets all bubbly, turn over to finish cooking and you'll have a perfect piggie face. How cute is that!

The stars of the evening were these little piggie cupcakes.

These really are so easy to make. They were fudge chocolate with chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting... oh my yummy goodness!

I'll have a tutorial for these and the pancakes later this week... and it will be in video form!!! That's right... video posts will soon be coming to "too Blessed to Stress" and I can't wait to share them with you!

I hope you enjoyed the Piggie Dinner, and that you'll be inspired to try out your own themed meal sometime. If you do, send me photos or a link to your post, because I would love to see!

What animal {or animals} would you chose for a themed dinner?

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All photos taken by yours truly and Mr."too Blessed to Stress, my hubby!


  1. YIPPPEEEE!!!! I'm so glad you're back!!!! :-)
    You, my dear, have to be the most creative person I have ever met. I mean, c'MON! PIG pancakes?! They are SOOOO cute!!! So simple, too, but I would've NEVER thought to do that. You're amazing!
    As for which animal I would choose...it would have to be something VERY simple...like with NO difficult edges or shapes...do you know of any square animals??

  2. This is so cute it is making me giggle! I love it! I am looking forward to going through some more of your posts here when I get more time...thank you so much for sharing..you made my day here!

  3. I'm glad to see you! That is one of the cutest themed things you've done yet. I absolutely love the pancakes and the cupcakes are beyond adorable. You did a great job!!

  4. I am sooooo glad you're back! I'm lovin' the theme! I'm gonna start doing weekly fun themes for my kids, so I may have to "borrow" your idea! As always, thanks for the inspiration!!!

  5. Of course I noticed this right away! Looks like you had a great time-enjoy:@)